Benefits of peanuts

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Benefits of peanuts
The benefits of peanuts are many, that is why it is very important to take into account their regular consumption. This food can be consumed whole or toasted, being both a great benefit to health.

The peanut butter is rich in protein, so it is very good for repair and form tissues. It is a great source of fiber, being really good to make digestion properly. Also the peanut butter gives the feeling of satiety and is very good to control the levels of cholesterol in the blood and the absorption of glucose into the same.

It also has vitamins, five compounds that form the B complex, and contains vitamin e. provides minerals such as iron and copper which oxygenate the blood, calcium and phosphorus that favor the maintenance of the skeletal system, potassium that helps to eliminate menstrual cramps and inhibits the cramps, and also contains copper and zinc, which are favourable to ensure proper functioning of the metabolism.

Peanuts and peanut butter are both a source rich in arginine, which is an important vasodilator amino acid that helps the arteries have a better flow; This is favourable for the formation of clots and slow traffic. Presenting smaller amounts of heart attacks, strokes, etc.

Also the peanut butter contains large amount of long-chain unsaturated fats, these fats are good for the proper health of the heart. Per everything said above the peanut is very good to obtain a correct body nutrition. Peanut butter is very easy to do: this is obtained from grinding hot peanuts to soften its fat.

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