Benefits of PEAR

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Benefits of PEAR

Pears are fruits that are often underestimated. Its content of soluble fibers, its slow-release sugars and all its nutrients are in a food, which can be incorporated daily into our diet, we provide multiple benefits.

Pears are a food that never usually Miss within the home fruit provisions, at least when the season permits. It is, in addition to delicious, they have very good contributions to the body, which even unnoticed in many occasions.

These are the main benefits and properties of PEAR:
Pears contain very few calories, much percentage of liquid and bring to the body nutrients such as potassium, vitamin C, carbohydrates of slow release, beta carotene, and soluble fiber.

Due to its high content of fiber, they are great to regulate intestinal transit, so it is often used to pears in diets. It helps to cleanse the body and its pectin content promotes good digestion.

Pears are recommended for diabetics, since they help to equalize levels of blood sugar. They are also good for cholesterol with regular, since consumption fibers containing help expel it through the feces.

The PEAR is also very useful and versatile food. Some include it in dishes salty, as the Gypsy pot or sweets, such as pears with red wine. Others make them an exquisite liqueur of pears. By itself, in addition, it is absolutely wonderful

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