Natural methods to reduce or remove stretch marks

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Natural methods to reduce or remove stretch marks.

Home remedies to reduce and eliminate stretch marks

If you suffer from these annoying and anti-esteticas stretch marks on your skin (in typical areas such as legs, buttocks, breasts, back
…) and you want to reduce them or even delete them must be constant in continuous applications, if this is the case, you will get very good results. The products are easily affordable and you can find in any cupboard, pharmacy or beauty center.

Rosehip and almond oil

They are very beneficial for the skin, have regenerating qualities and much help remove stretch marks. Apply at least once a day of Rosehip Oil and oil of almonds after each shower.

“You can use more than one of these home remedies to remove stretch marks at the same time to speed up the process.”

Cream for stretch marks of avocado

Mix pulp medium avocado with a tablespoon of lemon and honey. Apply the mixture daily circular massaging.

Ponytail to combat stretch marks

For its wealth in Silicon (natural regenerating) horsetail treatments are effective in the treatment of stretch marks, especially those of latest generation.

Macerate 100 gr. of horsetail and 8 drops of lemon in one liter of alcohol of 40 ° for 1 month. Dilute with water to 50% and massage areas affected twice a day.

Carrot pasta

Place some steamed carrots until they become soft. It is crushing them until it is as a pure and applied in the affected area. Leave on for half an hour and reagent with cold water. Hot water is very bad for stretch marks because it stretches the skin.

Ointment to remove stretch marks

Take five purple beets shells, the shells of five peaches and the heart of a carrot. Blend everything and apply on the White streaks. With this ointment you go away stretch marks for ever.


Recent studies reveal that the snail extract contains powerful nutrients to regenerate damaged tissue.

The application of protein of snail in the areas affected by stretch marks, removes damaged cells and replaces them with new cells regenerating tissues and returning to natural and rejuvenated appearance to the skin.

It is recommended to accompany the treatments of snail with moisturizing products protein because this substance tends to be astringent and dry skin.

Carrot and almond milk

Grated two carrots and mix them with almond milk to form a paste. Apply on the affected area and leave as much as possible.

Stretch marks on breasts

Half lemon rind and egg yolk. Grind the rind of lemon into the blender and add the egg yolk. Stir well and apply the mixture at that time covering the breasts and letting stand for several minutes. For best results you can toggle this treatment with the previous.


The grape is a cosmetic very interesting for the protection and beautification of the skin being one of the best moisturizers, so hydrated it and recovered it from the effects of dryness.

The flesh of this fruit extended on stretch marks in the form of mask for 20 or 30 minutes is a good resource to help to make them disappear or prevent their formation.

Comfrey to reduce stretch marks

Very rich in allantoin, tannins and mucilages, external use of juice from fresh root or the resulting liquid of the infusion of dry leaves can help reduce stretch marks.

Aloe Vera

To use on stretch marks with insistence and consistency gel of aloe vera, especially recommended when you go to sleep.

Reducing poultice of stretch marks

Apply three times a week a mud poultice, you sell it and leave it overnight. When already has used it puts it to dry in the Sun. Before use it again you puts an infusion of Rosemary to make mud again. You can use the mixture three times. Wash with cold water when removed the mud and of friction with this cream: 30 g of sesame seeds soaked in a little water throughout the night. Drain and they crush and add one tablet of vitamin B and one vitamin e 500 g. Add 5 g of sweet almond oil and is now.
Another carrot

It is very useful to cure the problems of the skin, like eczema, wounds and mitigate the destructive action of ultraviolet rays, reason by which forms part in the composition of many sunscreens.

A carrot for half an hour pulp mask promotes also the smoothness of the skin

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