Passion flower

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Passion flower

Passiflora incarnata L.
Family Passifloraceae
English Passion Flower, Grenakilla
Common names: Flora pass, Z·hrhalsah, Chrkhalflak, Colorful Abvsbh.

Passion flower plant ornamental shrub with long, dark Mvrdyha Brg·haybyzy Figure 5 splitting connected and complete. The flowers are large and Bhshklsat. Flower colors of red, purple, blue, and purple is. Because the stem adjacent Bhdrkhtan thighs and upwards. Hence it is known as the hours of screw. Myvhash green and yellow.
The plant contains flavonoids and alkaloids Grvhharmala Vasydsyanydryk Harmala, the fruit contains citric acid and proline, is Maltvl Maltvl and Ethel.
Part used: leaves, fruits and flowers of the plant are Darvyybhml Pasyflvr use.
● properties and pharmacological effects: nature flora or pass hot passion.
A) Flower Clock in cases of anxiety, insomnia, seizures are used.
In domestic use as a sedative, hypnotic mild hysteria, diarrhea, dysentery, neuralgia, nervous palpitations or tachycardia, anti-spasmodic or anti-spasmodic and anti-spasm, anti Drdbray nerve pain, anxiety, asthma, irregular, painful menstruation or dysmenorrhea, Bvasyrbh used.
B) The clinical application of insomnia, anxiety and nervous restlessness and anxiety are used.
C) dried flowers and fruit passionflower in traditional medicine for anxiety, insomnia and seizures are used.
D) Maltvl and Ethel Maltvl act both on the central nervous system during sleep Hksvbarbytvn housing and the impact is greater.
And) Passion Flower has antispasmodic effects, is hypnotic and sedative drugs in the forms of drops and tablets, as Khbhsvrt vast plain or mixed with unique drug Sayrgyahan Valerian (valerian) is presented and used. Pasyflvr drop of leaves and fruits, and flowers can be produced in the nervousness, anxiety, neurasthenia, hysteria, insomnia, muscle spasms and tension Bhkarbrd.
E) The root of the plant is poisonous but it mist Bhmqdar Mdhmytvan low to kill the worms eat.
A) leaves extract in a solvent of relatively equal approximately 50 drops (21) days as Ramknndh Grmdr Asabmykhvrnd nerve pain and weakness and insomnia.
B) leaf poultice for healing wounds on occasion.
Z) versions to prevent heart attacks
N) a teaspoonful of dried leaves in 200 g of boiling water mist Mykhysannd Rykhthv 15 minutes before bedtime for a cup of brewed Rfbykhvaby eaten.
P) use cases coronary heart passionflower, melancholy, convulsions, jump members, and reinforced anxieties and palpitations, menstrual regulation is well.
● Caution: use of this medicine in children under two years and those with a history of food allergies toward is prohibited.However, it should be under medical supervision and Bamshvrt Aromatherapy expert knowledge of the plant is consumed

Very useful for the treatment of insomnia passion flower and using it, people with insomnia are more hours of sleep!

The Health Services Agency in Tehran University of Medical Sciences, the country’s main passion “passiflora incarnate” of North America.

The passion flower as a sedative, analgesic, anti-pain, lowering blood pressure, as well as a homeopathy medicine is used to treat insomnia, nervous.

Also, passion flower to calm children who have been very active and restless are also used.

The passion flower is vibrate a little older and is also used for vertigo.

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