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The plant is often found in the Mediterranean region, southern Italy, and particularly in East Asia can be seen. That some of them have a wide variety of decorative and if not careful, can cause poisoning and itching. In ancient Greece oak wood has been used for coloring woolen and Italy to the color of this plant is used to make leather. In some countries make sumac drink to relieve stomach pain and digestive disorders effectively. Rubble from ancient medicine, sumac is cold and dry. Crushed properties are as follows: – has antimicrobial properties. – Has an antioxidant property. Antioxidants are substances that prevent the action of free radicals in the body. Free radicals damage the body’s cells have an important role in the incidence of cancer types. Therefore, antioxidants can prevent cancer.Studies show that up to 81 percent of the macadam prevents this process from occurring. – Is good for toothache. – To stimulate appetite. – Because lots of tannins, astringent and cleansing the stomach. – The property has a diuretic or a diuretic. – Lowers fever. – The treatment of rheumatic diseases and gout is effective. – Purifies the blood and the blood of waste products (eg urea) are excreted. – Strengthens gums and makes them strong. – To relieve nausea and anorexia useful. – Strengthening the digestive system. – Helps prevent stomach bleeding. Powder Crushed – Crushed due to the addition of round roast is a roast meat production of enzymes in the body that are harmful. Sumac can help neutralize the effects of these enzymes. – Is effective in removing blood concentrations. – Eating sumac powder with cold water to stop the internal bleeding. – Crushed for swollen throat and mouth gargle the decoction is useful. – Crushed rubbing on the boiling water traumatized area, to prevent it from swelling. – Sumac fruit sits on the back and say that ground sumac, very astringent and slightly bitter due to mineral Female prevents discoloration of secretions. – Menorrhagia (menses) and menstrual bleeding, reduce the interval. – Chest bleeding (hemoptysis) reduces. – Diarrhea and dysentery and to relieve the ordinary. – Dump the tree in wound healing, burns, eczema, left nipple and is a member of a bruise. – To relieve nausea and vomiting, with cumin and sumac mixed with cold water and use it. – Tea tree is used to reduce sweating. – Those who have hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids), and women who have discolored discharge, pelvic inflammatory sumac boil and crumble and sit in it. – Brewed in the old oak tree leaves and black hair were used. – The old oak has been used to treat gonorrhea and tuberculosis. – In ancient tree sap out of the tree was used to treat infections of the urinary tract. Precautions: * Eat fresh tree is toxic. Therefore it should only be consumed dry. * Due to the nature of the tree is cold, Srdmzaj not suitable for everyone and should be used by the plants warm. * Sumac overdose can be The tree to keep it away from direct sunlight

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