Understanding the properties of the Hawthorn

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Understanding the properties of the Hawthorn

Autumnal fruit of hawthorn fruit is seen in the market these days. Although the fruit is small, but great benefit Jshay, nutritious and yellow and orange grows in most temperate regions.

The ripe fruit is sweet, yellow flesh and is abundant nuclei nuclei can not be used with caution if your teeth are killer. The fruit, in addition to vitamins A, B, C and calcium, and slightly tannic, the tannins, acidity and pectin, which is highly recommended for strengthening the heart and stomach. Hawthorn important effect on the heart, regulating its erratic movements and severe heart palpitations and it stops.

In most European countries, especially Germany, the herb hawthorn is used to treat irregular heartbeat. Hawthorn also in the treatment of angina and arteriosclerosis (hardening of the artery walls) are very useful. The fruit is rich because of tartaric and malic acids in cases of anemia, tuberculosis is good.

The type of mountain that Qabztr measures and prevent stomach bleeding. Not bad out of the car in Hawthorn North of wild species that grows in the forest “hawthorn” say. Yellow and pink fruit converted to vitamin A in the body and increases very appetizing. The color of the fruit when ripe to take off gastrointestinal diseases of fruit, not being crude.

Immaturity of the fruit is also beneficial and can reduce inflammation of the stomach and bile. The dried fruits are also used for medical purposes.

If the amount of vitamin C as well as dry Hawthorn loses her but keeps his other chemicals. So to keep it in a dry place Hvaysh Hawthorn kept constantly change.

However, compared to fresh fruit, hawthorn has a better effect and can increase the mother’s breast milk and increase its quality. One of the beneficial ingredients found in hawthorn are flavonoids that have antioxidant effects of fruit color intensity changes. Red fruits have a strong effect, if any, have less effect on the weak and yellow. In addition, hawthorn fruit, the flowers are used to treat it. Hawthorn flowers are useful for the treatment of seizures and abnormal heart motions Sets. Therefore, diabetic patients however, it is used to treat chronic heart disease

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