Rose hip, the fruit of eternal youth

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Rose hip, the fruit of eternal youthImage

It has emerged as one of the most powerful skin regenerating and is revolutionizing the world of cosmetics,

nutrition and natural medicine. Still have not heard of Rosehip oil?

mosquetaElimina pink and prevents wrinkles, stretch marks, blemishes, scars … Today Rosehip is on

everyone’s lips. Historically man has run continuously after unattainable myth, that fountain of youth that

would get rid of old and sick. And in that search continues, we want the healthiest food, fruit with more

vitamins, herbal teas with healing properties … more more creams, more exercise, better diet, natural

therapies, yoga, massage.

But science also advances and helps to achieve that purpose healthy lifestyle and improved, and often the

solution is already used remedies for centuries, as is the case studies of a plant that is revolutionizing the

world of medicine, pharmacology and cosmetics: Rosehips.

The Rosehip is a wild bush twigs and full of thorns, whose stems and branches are full of white and pink

flowers, cheering the poor soil of some areas of Patagonia. It is also found in small areas of Chile and Peru.

mosquetaCuando rose its petals fall, the plant develops a reddish fruit oval, filled with enormous seeds (up

70% by weight), and be of them from which to extract the oil, which is considered today as one of the dermal

regenerators most powerful in the world.
Rosehip Properties

The properties, unique, Rosehip oil were discovered during a study that was conducted at the Faculty of

Chemistry and Pharmacology, University of Concepción in Chile. This study was based on the healing

properties of rosehip oil, was performed in 200 patients with scars resulting from surgery, burns, and other

conditions that caused the premature aging of the skin. Surprisingly, the continued application of this oil

effectively attenuated scars and wrinkles, and helped rejuvenate the skin

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