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Calcium is not produced in the orange groves, but the incidence is found in oranges. In margarines, and breakfast cereals, cakes and energy drinks there. Food manufacturers, 119 have introduced a calcium product that is three times

the rate in 1998 has been released.

A significant part of the population still much lower than that of calcium for strong bones and teeth is needed to get.make).

The problem is that people are going to have calcium deficiency, calcium-fortified foods may too need to get this nutrient. In this case, the body may not be able to match it.

Calcium is the fifth most abundant element on earth. Foods are the best source of calcium, as well as the other nutrients, for example, a glass of milk, protein, riboflavin, and vitamin D plus calcium is 300 mg.

Investors have been promoting the beverage industry is using less milk. Teens now averaging a double tap, soft drink. Fortified foods and supplements can fill this vacuum. These foods cause people to put aside their diet without the necessary amount of calcium benefit.

The most common form of calcium is calcium carbonate, and iron ore are oysters. The more pills in there, if the amount of 500 mg or less of vitamin D may be used in combination with food, the best effect.

Sytryt calcium-fortified juices in many, there is no need for food or vitamin D to be absorbed a little better.

Regardless of its type, with large amounts of calcium, sodium, protein, caffeine is eliminated from the body. You are taking sodium per 500 mg, 100 mg calcium per gram of protein for the body to lose value as 1 to 5/1 mg of calcium. Those are gym, 130 grams of protein daily faced with the loss of approximately 50 mg of calcium are lost.

The hazards of overdose of calcium:

Get plenty of calcium from food sources is difficult, but it can easily supplement the body needs to meet or even exceed it.

There are more than 2500 mg of calcium in foods may cause problems for the body, especially the iron bell.

Too much calcium can also be used to create problems such as kidney stones.

Research shows that men who consumed a lot of calcium, they are more likely to develop prostate cancer.

Calcium is a mineral may be magic, but magic ingredients even in moderation and balance should be adhered to.

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