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Celery contains the minerals magnesium and potassium that is used to calm nerves and mental illnesses such as (Vertigo) is good. Celery also contains a lot of vitamins. And C are antioxidants that reduce inflammation of the body’s cells, detoxification and anti-rheumatism and cancer diseases are

Celery is one of the few plants that can be used along with fruits and other plants and does not cause digestive difficulties. For example, grape juice and apple (to combat rheumatism), and ginger (to fight migraines and headaches) and lemon (to fight colds and high blood sugar).

Celery and celery seeds are also relax muscles (such as the muscles lining the arteries) and diuretics are also due to the celery nutrition experts agree that the best food for the kidney and bladder problems like urinary tract infections, gout (acid high uric), kidney stones and high blood pressure. Celery is very useful in reducing blood fats

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