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Health News: coconut plant was first cultivated in Southeast Asia, and currently there is a coconut tree in the tropics. Pacific people from all parts of the tree and use it to

Are consumed as a staple food. Coco tree beautiful and rugged as the vertical growth and without splits. The leaves are very large and beautiful. This plant has yellow and orange flowers. Coconut fruits are oval, green, brown, covered with a hard shell. There are three holes in the base of the coconut fruit called the coconut eyes.

The fruit flesh is white and greasy, and it is filled with a sweet syrup or liquid. Parts used: roots, inflorescences and seeds (shelled, water, oil, nuclear) are used. Coconut Pacific is known about the people saying that anyone who says that instilling a coconut tree, for herself and her children, clothes, dishes, beverages, food and household uses. It shows that all parts of the tree are useful and usable.

Benefits of coconut water

Headache: A headache that coconut water too much sun exposure occurs, relieves.

Cream: boil coconut roots with a small amount of asafetida to clean and get rid of intestinal worms is very lucrative.

Wounds and injuries: old coconut oil, soothing the wounds is rapid.

Vomiting: Add sugar, honey and pepper powder, coconut water is a good combination for the prevention of vomiting.

Oral ulcers: gargle the juice and grated coconut grinder is useful for the relief and treatment of mouth ulcers.

Itching: Itching common in coconut milk, reduce inflammation, useful and practical.

Scar (scar): Hindi and fig sacred fig tree bark Shyrnargyl temples in the form of a paste and apply all over the sores. It will soothe and restore the skin to its astringent properties and composition of these nutrients can help.

Eczema: Take a few pieces of garlic in coconut oil and put on a gas flame until the color is dark. Then crush the allium in coconut oil. Then, it can filter rule. This mix is an effective combination to relieve inflammation caused by Agzmast.

Hair growth: Wash hair with coconut milk to feed a very effective Mvhast root ends. The work in Hindi which are very attractive hair is common.

Coconut juice with coconut milk is different. Coconut sap is watery liquid inside a coconut, but the coconut milk to a boil, mix equal parts water and shredded coconut meat is produced, so that when the case was foamy and then keep it from flaring are smooth. Coconut high fat and nutrients are obese.

When mature coconut extract more value, but gradually comes to the amount of fruit juice is less. So just make sure you buy the coconut, shake it to hear the sound of sap. Note that heavier coconut, is junior. The fruit is hot, hot blooded may cause problems. So it must be with this kind of fruit tart, lemon or eat watermelon.

Coconut slow digestion, so those who are suffering from gastrointestinal distress, you must be careful when taking it. Although coconut oil is a vegetable oil, but has a lot of saturated fat. That’s why people with high cholesterol and heart disease should not use coconut oil.

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