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What is emotional blackmail?, if someone makes you feel guilty to get out of this, if someone threatens you if you don’t do what you suggest, if someone you punish or ignore you if you don’t do what you are asking.

Emotional blackmail is a technique of psychological manipulation that uses a person or people to get something you want.

Imagine that someone asks you to do something, you can say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or “it will be thinking”.

The emotional blackmailer does not expect that the person decides to do something voluntarily. If not do what he or she wants the emotional blackmailer does not accept. It will then utilize strategies to get that person to act as he or she want to.

Emotional blackmail can be direct or indirect. Occurs in an area of close relationships, either in work, family, couple, friends. Many times the emotional blackmailers abuse of the affection that they have, on the basis of that love try to get with it.

Phrases like these can often use them the emotional blackmailers

■ How can take this to me?
■do not I can do without you
■ How can you be so selfish, don’t you think more than you?
■VAS to make me sick
■Con what I love you and you treat me so…
■If me quisieras would you do what I ask
■If you not do this show be a bad person
■Te’ll be sorry
■do not serve for nothing
■ do you act as well?
■ do you want to hurt me?

I used the emotional blackmailers?

To achieve its purposes the blackmailers made gala of different strategies. Since childhood we learn useful techniques of emotional blackmail. A child who cries until do not give you what you want using a technique of emotional blackmail. In adults the emotional blackmail plays springs that can be made to feel uncomfortable to a person.

■Chantaje emotional using guilt
■Chantaje emotional using fear
■Chantaje emotional using the love (if I wish you would…)
Emotional ■Chantaje using the “duty” (is your duty to do this… or something)
Emotional ■Chantaje using money (buy things for then ask others, that you can not refuse.) Deny money but you do certain things, to use money as a medium)

Some techniques that use the emotional blackmailers

The negative comparison
■El blackmailer tries to weaken the person, if a person is unsafe is easier to manipulate. Use the negative comparison is a form of damage to persons. Used a known person who is credited with all the qualities against which we are compared and we we always losing.
■Por example to compare to a brother with another brother or the son of another person.
■Comparar the couple with another famous woman. Compare a worker with another worker.

■El emotional blackmailer distorts the relationship in their favor. They are good, smart and caring and who do what they want are selfish and reckless. Any hint of resistance is an evidence of our selfishness.

■ASI an emotional blackmailer can be labelled “selfish”, “stupid”, “sharp”, “no feelings”, “cowardly” to another person by the mere fact of not doing what he or she want to.

More ■Cuanto you keep to blackmail more “selfish, or without feelings you will be”. The emotional blackmailer not is to think about who is the true selfish in this history, displacing the other person any negative Act.

Tell you that you’re crazy or sick
■Algunos emotional blackmailers used this technique. If we resist his desires is that we are sick or crazy. They are able to believe someone who is not in his right mind only to achieve you feel insecure and then do what they want to do.

■IMAGINA if you are sad or having a bad time someone is devoted to observe your actions and tell you you’re crazy or crazy. It is something that can have negative consequences on the security and self-esteem of the person.

Get allies

■El emotional blackmailer is astute, if only fails to convince will look for allies. Everyone knows the union is strength. They may be family members, children, friends, or colleagues, the blackmailer will be able to present the things that support is achieved, and will use the strength of the group to try to convince

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