Science behind lying illnesses

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Exaggerated version of reality

During the day we are faced with a liar. Friends or colleagues who have the courage to tell their stories or stories about the adventures that happened in their past life full

of hyperbole can be defined for us.In a study recently conducted to evaluate various states Fiction hundred years, researchers “Yale” found that some authors to increase the attractiveness of the subject, have used the hyperbole, but that successful people are able to regulate . But it’s not always that simple.

Many psychiatrists are always lying, standing as a sign of mental problems are considered which can include diseases such as hallucinations and fantasies, some kind of mental illness or mental narcissism. Dr. “Chalrzdyk”, Professor of Psychology, University “Yale” says lying is a sign of disease in some cases people simply do not have the habit of lying. People are waking up this morning to evening if they are forced to lie.

Dr. “Rabrfldmn”, University psychiatrist, “Massachusetts”, a group of volunteers to be equipped with a hidden camera that recorded their movements during the day.

Survey results showed that most people are used during the day’s best interests lie. It’s best interest lies mostly the same reasons, such as to avoid insulting others or avoid offense to the feelings of those around Vqayd, cover and hide your mistakes, not to create unnecessary headaches and … But when the lies as a way to cope with daily problems and strategies to be applied consistently, would be very harmful and in fact a disease. Sometimes people simply because of inability to perform duties, or lack of interest in work or education to be able to lie on.

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