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to clients, according to a psychotherapy approach that has been taken advantage of, is …

To learn more about psychology, I can refer you to some of these techniques:

1) Assertiveness Training

This technique was designed to enhance interpersonal skills, including learning how to express feelings and thoughts as well.

Assertiveness training in a broad continuum of problems related to interpersonal relationships, such as marital discord, depression, sexual dysfunction, aggression and abuse is used.

2) Problem solving techniques

Problem solving is a psychological technique that learns from a set of clients through awareness, knowledge and resources at its disposal to solve a problem or deal with it is to use.

Psychologists believe that the lack of problem solving skills in a variety of psychological disorders (eg depression, anxiety) or to cause trouble in marriage and parenting.

3) self-teaching

This way clients can learn to recognize their abuse and give them the appropriate behaviors to replace. Usually, the therapist is referring to the pattern shows normal behavior.

4) Stress Management Techniques

This technique consists of a set of medical practices that Rylksyshyn (relaxation) is one of them.

5) Social Skills

Social skills include a range of behaviors such as warmth and intimacy in relationships, facilitating dialogue, expressing empathy, eye contact, and verbal and nonverbal communication skills are general.

6) cognitive restructuring

7) Anger Management

This method is used for anger and aggression. Early jitter, the furnace Drrftn, Dadzdn, throw objects or break them in the same forge and strengthen themselves and others, are examples of anger and aggression.

8) Changing Habits

Of this technique in treating disorders like thumb sucking, blinking hard and pulling hair (trichotillomania) is used.

9) Behavioral Activation

Clients are taught ways to increase activity.be.

10) Exposure

Face, the way in which the person with the driving excitement he created or inappropriate behavior will be met.


11) Admission

Acceptance of unpleasant events are meant to recognize and accept that we can not have control over them.

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