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We recommend that you keep your heart healthy note the following, but note that we also talk with your doctor:

1 – Exercise 30 minutes a day.

2 – Drink a glass of water every two hours.

3 – If you can ride a bike 20 minutes a day.

4 – According to the doctor, take daily vitamin B complex.

5 – Record your voice while sleeping at night or those around you want to consider whether or not you snore during sleep.

Adequate time to walk and talk with loved ones you assign.

6 – at least two cups of tea a day can bon appetite.

7 – Each week, eat a little dark chocolate.

8 – At least seven hours of sleep a night. One of the reasons for insomnia can reduce heart attack.

9 – Eat fish at least once a week.

10 – Buy breakfast complete and high in fiber.

11 – foods include Omega 3 in the diet.

12 – See also taking bean and eat it as a meal or on a salad.

13 – According to a doctor every day to eat baby aspirin.

14 – good to know it is not unpleasant to eat cherries to heart health.

15 – eat oranges every day. You can also use orange juice instead of orange lead if you had to, it’s prefer.

16 – The holidays just rest. Take away their cell phones and computers.

17 – Avoid stress.

18 – Taking multivitamins may also be important, but before calling the doctor.

19 – time enough to walk and talk with loved ones you assign.

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