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Flor de el Hibisco an alternative for ailments of the heart and kidney

The prevalence of diseases of the heart and the kidneys in Bolivia is high. If the heart does not work or the kidney does not work properly other bodies will be disintegrated until the patient depend on mechanical to continue with life stands.

Statistically, we can say that there is a high percentage of people who have high blood pressure in four departments of Bolivia.

For example in Cochabamba there are a total of 18.6 percent among men and women who suffer from these hipertensiones, in the Department of La Paz, there is a 13.9 percent in Santa Cruz the 23.3 percent, at the high 3.1 percent making an overall national average of 16.3 per cent of people who suffer from this disease of the heart.

In this sense research determined that there is a flower in Bolivia which can combat diseases affecting these main organs of human beings, which would be found in the Alto Beni area to almost 270 kilometers from the city of La Paz and 73 kilometres from the Township of Caranavi.

The Hibiscus flower is an annual plant of fleshy red calyxes fruits, rich in Malic acid which can prepare refreshments, mattes, jelly, preserves, jams and other products that the population of Alto Beni prepares.

As for its medicinal properties, this flower through an infusion either refresh or matte, desinflama kidneys and urinary tract, eliminate the uric acid, stomach pains, indigestion, when a person with fever can lower the temperature regulates intestinal activity protects against cardiovascular disease, normalizes the high pressure, and on the other handlowers cholesterol levels.

Hibiscus flower has nourishing properties to restore minerals lost through sweat that is lost when people perform exercises, since they contain vitamins A and C, minerals such as thiamine (is one of the vitamins of the B complex, a group of water-soluble vitamins that participates in many of the chemical reactions in the body).

On the other hand has properties as riboflavin who works with other B-complex vitamins and is important for body growth and the production of red blood cells and also help in the release of energy from carbohydrates niacin, (is effective to improve circulation and reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood). It also presents iron, calcium and carbohydrates.

In the same way, experts have shown that hibiscus drink decreases the absorption of alcohol, degrading their effects in the body, by those in some countries take the remedy of hibiscus for the discomforts after excess consumption of drinks. A reason for all these benefits, the population has begun to diversify its production in recent years which so far has been characterized by having a multiple use in medicine and nutrition

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