Harmful foods for kidney stones

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Symptoms of kidney stones

Kidney stones are mostly calcium deposits combined with salts of oxalate or phosphate in the kidneys. Initially the symptoms are pain in the back and ribs, then it moves to the pelvic area to the groin and persists until the calculations are eliminated in the urine or removed surgically.

Food and prevention of kidney stones.
For the treatment of kidney stones, calcium consumption decrease is not a solution because it will not prevent their formation, since oxalates are raw material calculations, and this even more the more is absorbed is the restriction of calcium consumption. Therefore, what should be avoided in an appropriate against kidney stones diet is the consumption of foods high in oxalates.

Food source of oxalate salts are chard, spinach, parsley, radicchio, beet, chocolate, red fruits, dried fruits, tea, Bran, wheat, and peanuts. This diet must be accompanied with a good supply of calcium to discourage the excessive absorption of oxalates, incorporating dairy to the diet, mainly.

Drink plenty of fluids, especially water, is another important in this disease indication since it prevents and treats the formation of gallstones

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