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Benefits of parsley
Parsley is a well known plant within the spectrum of aromatic herbs. But the truth is that its use can quietly exceed such purposes, being also useful for various ailments. It is a good antioxidant, rich in calcium, iron and vitamin C.

Parsley is a plant that originated in the island of Sardinia, but that quickly spread throughout the world. In addition to the great culinary properties has, it can be used for health reasons.

These are the main properties and benefits of parsley:
Parsley is an interesting antioxidant, containing good doses of beta-carotene and vitamin C, collaborating in the prevention of cancer and heart problems, among other things.
Parsley is a diuretic herb, which may well result in programs to lose weight. In addition, it is purifying and collaborates with the Elimination of fats. See the following article for the properties of the parsley to lose weight.
Parsley is rich in calcium and iron. For this last reason is that it tends to be used extensively against anemia, without going any further.
It is a herb that can be very good for the skin. In fact, part of recipes for stains of the face and facial tonics.
Parsley can be relaxing. You can even try placing a bouquet in the hot tub and give you a bath for relaxation.

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