Late diagnosis and inadequate treatment can lead to infection, infertility and cancer

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Science and Technology News

Tehran Center for Sexual Health Clinic of Infertility and Recurrent Pregnancy Ibn Sina said late diagnosis, inadequate treatment of infectious sexually transmitted infections can lead to serious complications such as infertility and cancer.

[Late diagnosis and inadequate treatment can lead to infection, infertility and cancer] light of modern science and technology news Jihad Ibn Sina College of Biological Sciences, doctor Ali Azin added that more women than men are infected with sexually transmitted diseases while the diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases in women is more difficult because the infection may be asymptomatic.
He does not recognize sexually transmitted diseases in women, leading to complications such as pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility, and cervical cancer mortality is.

abortion, ectopic pregnancy, congenital deformities, blindness and infant mortality, neonatal and infant infections, psychosocial consequences and even lead to death.


The Academic Technology Services Cup News (06 june), Reza Norouzi doctor stated that cancer of the urinary tract – reproductive highly prevalent among men, as he ranks first in the row of cancers in men is prostate cancer.

He stated that testicular cancer at ages 15 to 35 years, and the most common cancer affecting men is considered a teenager, he said: the spread of this type of cancer is still unknown. Whether the cancer cause, air pollution or electromagnetic waves, or other factors is still controversial. Vice President of the Supreme Medical Council said the reason may be that a higher awareness and informedThere is the possibility of malignancy. Timely detection makes treatment approach is adopted in which the testicles are less affected.

that while the removal of testicular cancer early with a simple treatment improves, but in advanced cases associated with radiation therapy and radiotherapy. Radiation can also affect the natural history of fertility.

change colors, blood and any vague abdominal symptoms that could be a warning, to see a doctor, unfortunately, in our society, many people are embarrassed to solve these problems.

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