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PHRASES of reflection to wherever you go and with whomever you find to your own love there find waiting for you.
A tragedy can become the greatest of our goods if we take it in a way that will allow us to grow.
You can not learn the lessons of others in his name. Everyone should do the job by themselves, and so will do so when they are ready.
To change your living out must change you from the inside. In the moment in which you have to change, it is amazing how the universe begins to help you, and brings you what you need.
Everytime you make a judgment or a criticism, you’re sending something that will end up back to you.
Anger is a defense mechanism. If you’re on the defensive, it is because you are afraid.
If you want your family to love you and will accept you, then you must love them and accept them you to them.
How do you treat the elderly? What das today is what you have to do is find tomorrow when you gird.
Resentment, criticism, guilt and fear appear when we blame others and do not assume the responsibility of our own experiences.
You don’t have to know how to forgive. Just be willing to do it, how the universe will now deal.
If we expect to be perfect to love ourselves, we will lose the whole life. We are already perfect, here and now.

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