Very close to the approach path to cancer cook meat!

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Researchers at the University of Southern California and the Cancer Prevention Institute of California found that cooking meat at high temperatures, especially in the pan with the red meat can increase the risk of cancer by 40 percent.

The Academic Bowl Technology; Mariana Stern, assistant professor of preventive medicine at the Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California Department with the investigation as “meat and poultry, cooking methods, genetic fitness and risk of prostate cancer: the prostate cancer research center in California “was responsible.

The research, published in the journal Cancer produced important new evidence about how to cook the meat, and practices that increase the risk of prostate cancer, has to offer.

Ways to cook the meat that prostate cancer could be the result of chemical carcinogens that when meat is cooked at high temperatures, are formed.

By October, the researchers examined data on two thousand in California Prostate Cancer Research, research and research Multiethnic Los Angeles by way of San Francisco by John Malek Ayngls, the results were declared. In this comprehensive study participants questions about the amount and type of poultry meat or processed meat consumption was asked.


Information about the practices of the meat, poached, grilled or fried with colorful images that show how to cook meat was investigated. More than a thousand men with advanced prostate cancer who were participants in this research.

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