Homemade cream to remove stretch marks

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Homemade cream to remove stretch marks
Mix 1000 IU of vitamin E with a tablespoon of olive oil.
Massaging the affected area of stretch a couple of times each day. It is a very useful remedy to reduce stomach and breasts Striae.
Arnica crea

It is ideal for the treatment of stretch marks from pregnancy. Gently apply four times a day on the belly.
Calendula cream
With the same properties as arnica. Applied in the same way.
Cream for stretch marks of salvia
Mix a cup of Sage oil, 5 tablespoons of wheat germ and two tablespoons of melted lanolin oil. Heat a water bath and then leave to cool. Spread the cream on the affected area before going to bed.
Cream for stretch marks of avocado
Mix pulp medium avocado with a tablespoon of lemon and honey. Apply the mixture daily circular massaging

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