Back pain

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 back pain is one of the most frequent and common ailments today.

Back pain can be caused by bad postures at work and be sitting at your computer.

Also by errors when performing exercises or not do any exercise, lift heavy targets, sudden movements, exposure to vibration produced by industrial vehicles or machinery.

Iguamente, back pain are caused by overweight, sleeping evil, trauma, kidney, prostate, flu, arthritis problems, the use of high heels or emotional tension that cause spasms of the muscles.

There are several traditional remedies to relieve pains of back such as the following:

Folk remedies

Remedy for back #1 pain: massage of alcohol of Rosemary which is prepared to put in a bottle 2 sprigs of fresh rosemary with a litre of (pharmacy) rubbing alcohol can be. Let stand for 7 days and, after that time, you give vertical rubbing, pinching, patting, thumbs on both sides of the column.

Remedy for #2 back pain: can be hot and washing with sponge, stupes since give heat back also gives immediate relief to back pain.

#3 Back pain remedy: apply oil of Hypericum on the back area where you feel pain. To make this oil should fill a bottle with flowers and Hypericum sprouts and added oil. Let stand for three weeks. It is exccelente to eliminate back pain caused by tension.

#4 Back pain remedy: the asanas of Yoga are also remedies that can be used to combat back pain. The Yoga asanas are bhujangasana, shalabhasana, halasana, uttanpadasana and shavasana.

#5 Back pain remedy: make a pad of chestnuts. To do so must Peel chestnuts of indias strawberries and they are milled. Then populates a cushion cover and place it on the sore area.

Remedy for back #6 pain: rub, the sore area, with essential oil of lavender, marjoram or swab.

#7 Back pain remedy: boil 2 tablespoon leaves of Sage in 1 liter of water for 10 minutes. Remove from heat, cool, and drink 3 times a day

#8 Back pain remedy: boil, for 20 minutes, 50 grams of Artemis in a liter of water, remove from heat and let cool. Then, apply on the area affected by warm compresses of this infusion.

#9 Back pain remedy: fill a bottle of glass with hermetic lid with some fresh Chamomile flowers and then add a little olive oil until it covers the flowers. Cover well and leave in the Sun for 2 weeks, and then store in the refrigerator for use whenever pain arises. Warm before rubbing it well on the skin.


Investing in a new mattress (orthopedic) a little consistency and soft mattress can contribute to the development of back problems if you can’t buy a new mattress, get a piece of wood of three quarter inch Plywood (1.90 centimetres) thick which should be placed located between the mattress and the frame of the bed springs.

Sleeping half aside and in the fetal position. The best position for your back suffer at bedtime is not half side supporting the head in a not very high pillow, with knees bent and, if you can, with a thin pillow between them. Likewise, proper consists of sleep on their backs, but it is necessary to place a thick pillow under the knees and a thin and small in the lumbar area. Avoid sleeping upside down, but in the event that you need to do this, it is necessary to put a small pillow in the abdomen and another at the height of the ankles.

Avoid getting up suddenly from bed. It is best to back move to medium side, support arm that is free on the edge of the bed, first download a leg and then the other e incorporated slowly up to sit on the bed. Then you should be standing.

Avoid the use of heeled shoes, since you can gradually affects the natural arches of the back.

Using an ergonometrico pad if it stays too long in car or Office seats. The cushion should be small and located so that it can provide support to your back. In this sense, the most convenient position is one that the back can lie down with an angle of about 110 degrees. In addition, it is recommended if s lift and walk periodically sit for many hours.

Take care the way to lift objects when loading, double knees, not your back. Make the effort with his legs, and keep objects close to the body (up to the height of the chest).

When the load is heavy, ask for help and plan his work before, of such instructions avoid sudden movements and transfers of excessive load. Give safe steps.

Walk with good posture walk upright, holding her head high and, as far as possible, without carrying load (briefcases, portfolios, etc.).

In addition, wear comfortable shoes and when you need to keep standing for extended times, stand with one foot in height, frequently changing position.
Monitor weight maintain a healthy weight help to remove tension on the muscles of the back.

Maintain a good posture at the computer. To avoid headaches not only back product from the bad position when it comes to being at a computer but in the head, hands, and neck, you must

Keep your head and neck upright, relaxed shoulders

Keep the trunk resting on the back of the Chair

Keep the top edge of the screen at the same eye level and at a distance between 45 to 70 cm

Keep forearms, fists and hands aligned in straight position, relative to the keyboard

Keep your hips and knees bent in an angle equal or slightly greater than 90 °.

Always maintain footing, preferably use a foot rest work seat must have a number of features to prevent headaches back such as the following:

The Chair must provide freedom of movement and ensuring a comfortable posture
The height should be adjustable
The seat back shall be Tiltable and adjustable height
A footrest shall be available to those who wish to do so

Exercises for the back must make them in the morning and in the evening, between 5 and 10 times each, it will help you keep in shape your back (after consultation with the doctor):

Balancing of pelvis: in position upside down, must bend the legs and placing the arms on both sides of the trunk; crush the back the most that can be against the ground time. Relax.
Knees to chest: in the same previous position, carry both flexed legs to the chest, hold and return to the starting position.
Position of speaker: rest your hands and knees on the floor, bending the trunk upwards; slowly, sit on your heels, and relaxed, maintain posture.
CAT and camel: in the same previous position, place the head parallel to the floor, arching the trunk slowly and follow with a reverse movement (down), keeping the straight arms.
Abdominal simple: in position bocaarriba, flexing your legs and cross your arms over your chest. Raise the head and shoulders, without taking off the back of the floor, hold counting to five. Relaxing.
Flexion of the hips: in position bocaabajo, support the Chin on the arms. Stretch and slowly lift one leg, with the pelvis resting on the ground. Repeat, alternating repeatedly, with the other leg.

Receive medical assistance in any of the following conditions:

Back pain that occurs suddenly and without apparent reason.
Back pain accompanied by other symptoms, such as fever, cramps, chest pain and shortness of breath.
Acute attack that lasts more than two or three days without relief in pain.
Chronic pain that lasts more than two weeks without relief.
Back pain that radiates by her leg up to the knee or foot

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