Listen to what your cells think

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In the previous publication we treat the case of a young woman who is recovered 100% of Cancer through the technique of visualization Simonton.
In this appendix we show very briefly something of this tech

nique that shows us once again the importance of the mind-body relationship in the process of self-healing.

Dr. Carl Simonton mentions that potentially effective mental images usually contain certain traits in common:

• The cancer cells are weak and confusing.
• The treatment is strong and powerful.
• The healthy cells have no difficulty to repair small damage of could cause treatment.
• The army of white blood cells is enormous and outperforms the cancer cells.
• Leucocytes are aggressive, warriors, fast in the search and destruction of the cancer cells.
• Dead cancer cells are eliminated from the body and naturally.
• At the end of the process, should be represented in perfect state of health.
• View the achievement of the goals in life.

Structure of therapy:
Psychological treatment has a duration of six weeks, during which the repetition of the exercises at least three times daily and with the recommendation to use will seek relaxation and visualization indefinitely…
“If you reach a point in which the patient shows no signs of cancer can start using mental images to make a monitoring function and continue viewing healthy and disease-free”

The first step onto the path of recovery of health is the understanding of the way in which our beliefs and emotions have contributed to the disease; the next step is to find ways of influencing these beliefs as support for treatment; the cornerstone to carry out this task is the use of relajacion-visualizacion, since both tools have many uses and benefits for cancer patients.

In a second book “Healing is a journey,” Dr. Carl Simonton, devised a two-year plan to recover health, for this reason, the display remains fundamental. He elaborates on this, five meditations as part of the work toward recovery:
1) meditation to change beliefs about cancer
(2) meditation to develop confidence
(3) meditation to improve communication with your inner wisdom
(4) meditation as way to increase your safety by working with pain
(5) how meditation boost your energy to recover diminishing the fear of death

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