Understanding the properties of barberry

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Yeah, there are many health benefits including lowering blood pressure, diarrhea, fever and kidney problems …

Barberry is a shrub with oval leaves and stem of the prickly clusters of yellow flowers. Barberry is a large septal branch of the fruit tree red, oval shaped and has a sour taste.

It’s surprising to some people, because the stem of the shrub Prtyghsh, Mykarnd around the home to protect the house from the entrance Hrmyhman Nakhvandhay.

The shrubs in some areas, such as agricultural areas Nmykarnd, because the cause of aphthous called “wheat stem rust” is.

This plant has many medicinal properties and is more than 3000 years ago, it has been used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Among the medicinal properties of the plant:

1 – in the treatment of diarrhea and acute, cholera, effective

[Health Tip: Drugs that may cause diarrhea.]

2 – for the treatment of fever and anemia and malaria and respiratory infections are used

[How to reduce the risk of anemia?]

3 – is a powerful sedative

4 – reduces blood pressure [hypertension treatment plants are]

5 – stimulating the growth of the uterus and the spleen will help correct

6 – with plenty of vitamin C

7 – antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties

8 – to stimulate the digestive system

9 – reduces stomachaches

10 – Balm is good for kidney problems

11 – Barberry tail pulley to relieve irritation of the mouth and throat are effective

Description: Too much yeah, not recommended for pregnant women.

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