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“An Apple a day keeps the doctor away” so says the known saying English. As always the conventional wisdom is wrong: the Apple contains many health benefits that you will
discover in the next note.

The Apple is an edible pomacea fruit obtained from any species of manzano: this may be domestic (household Malus) or others belonging to the genus Malus or hybrids of him. Apple has always been an important food source in the power of cold climates and is probably the oldest cultivated tree. For this reason, has been used with different culinary purposes: it can be eaten with or without skin fresh, and from it you can prepare: vinegar, cider, compote, juice, smoothies, salads or cake (as that present in the Natural Chef).

Protagonist in history

The Apple appears repeatedly in the history of mankind. To begin, she illustrates the landscape Bible that Adam and Eve were expelled from paradise to try the fruit of the tree of knowledge and Dios expelled them from paradise. Paradise symbolizes the State of tranquillity before making evil while Apple means the temptation. Years later, already in the contemporary era, an Apple that fell from a tree inspired the English physicist Isaac Newton to create his “theory of gravitation” and the universal law of gravity.

Long life

Without mentioning the citrus, Apple is the fruit species that can keep longer retaining its nutritional value. At the beginning of the 17TH century, winter apples were one of the few foods that could be picked up in late autumn and stored in cameras above the freezing point. In this way, could be marketed for longer without losing their properties. Currently, Apple has a greater life span, after being cut, due to the use of radiation that reduces the presence of damaging agents.

Where to find it

It is one of the most cultivated fruit of the world. Currently, two fifths of the world culture belong to China. Other major producers are the United States, Turkey, France, Italy and Iran. In Latin America, the most important are Chile (Central Valley) and Argentina (Alto Valle de Río Negro), areas where the climate and the soil characteristics favor the cultivation. In recent years, Ecuador has joined this list because a variety of apples have acclimatised to high latitudes and warm temperatures.

Nutritional information

Apple is rich in pectin, sugars (has three types: fructose, glucose and sucrose) and vitamins. In addition, possess medicinal properties: as laxative, helps in some disorders digestive as stomach inflammation, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation and gastroenteritis.

In these cases, doctors recommend continuous pieces of Apple intake.

Good for the brain

A research of the University of Massachusetts Lowell (UML) indicates that Apple Juice consumption may increase production in the brain of the synapses essential neurotransmitters resulting in improved memory. Neurotransmitters such as synapses are chemical products launched the nerve cells that transmit messages to other nerve cells. Such communication between cells is vital for good health of the whole body because it helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease and delay the aging of the cells of the brain.

√ Cosmetics

Due to its astringent properties, Apple has been used since antiquity to make facial masks, in order to remove impurities and firm the skin.

√ Diuretic and depurative

It favors the Elimination of corporal liquids, and due to its content of cystine, arginine and Malic acid, is adequate to eliminate body toxins. For this reason, is recommended in cases of obesity, rheumatism and kidney-related diseases.

Non-toxic √

Apple has no toxicity, ingestion of its seeds which, with the exception as in all Rosaceae contain acids that combined with gastric juices produce cyanide, although the ingestion of these would need to be very large.

√ Apple Cider vinegar

This is one of the derivatives of the Apple that has more properties since used as external and internal favoring muscle relaxation, irritation of the skin and allergies in general.

√ Flowers and fruits

Their collection and preservation should be carried when they begin to blossom and mature. Flowers should be dried in the shade and store in a tightly closed container. The apples must be kept in a dark and cool place.

√ Friend of the heart

Its high content of methionine, phosphorus and its rich in soluble fiber are essential in the control of cholesterol. Also, the vasodilator value of Histidine (a natural amino acid) make a good ally stubbing in cases of hypertension blood pressure.

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