Birdseed: Properties and contraindications

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Birdseed: Properties and contraindications

Origin and description
Beneficial effects on our body
Diet of Birdseed
Cooking recipes
Milk of Birdseed

The Canary seed (Phalaris canariensis) is one of the most edible seeds, is loaded with enzymes, but the most abundant is lipase which is responsible for eliminating excess body fat, has a good ability of enzyme recharge and high content of proteins, contains as much protein as meat, but with stable amino acids, which are assimilated easily and leaves no toxic residues in the body.

The Canary seed is conformed by a 16.6% of proteins, which would work on different areas of the digestive system. In addition, the Canary seed contains 11.8% of fibres, which facilitate the digestive processes. Moreover, it has among its components, salicylic and oxalic acids. Enzymes that provides the Birdseed have immense power to shrink our organs, particularly the liver, kidneys and pancreas, so it converts this data to the birdseed in an immense pancreatic regenerator.


The Canary belongs to the family of Poaceae, genus of grasses, so called from its resemblance to the grass and that includes cereals. Family of the order of the glumifloras, usually hermaphrodite flowers and fruit with abundant nourishing tissue monocot. It comprises some 4,000 species, which predominate in the formation of grasslands, steppes and savannahs.
Herbaceous plant that exceeds the meter in height, with three or four stems cylindrical and hollow (reeds) provided with obvious knots and the wheat-like, narrow leaves and with long pods. Flowers arranged in spikes or small spikes which are grouped into clusters, whose fruit is a shiny seed, of various colors and wrapped in a small shell. It breeds in the Canary Islands, with vulgar name triguera or grain of the Canary Islands, in farmland, in the midst of the sown or between ancient wheat fields in areas of medium altitude.

The Birdseed contain seven times more potassium than a banana and more calcium than one cup of skim milk. The consumption of a ½ cup of Birdseed per day will provide you with 831 mg of potassium, 236 mg calcium, 431 mg of magnesium, and 112 mcg of folic acid.

100 G of Birdseed they contain:

Carbohydrates: 55.8 GR
Protein: 13 g
FAT: 5.2 g
Minerals: Calcium, phosphorus


It has a powerful enzyme recharge capability
Excellent source of antioxidants, which prevent aging and premature wear on the skin
Great content in vegetable proteins
This wonderful seed enzymes are natural ideal remedy for inflammation in organs such as the liver, kidneys and pancreas: the Canary in a pancreatic regenerator very powerful, so it helps significantly reduce the high level of glucose in the blood by eradicating diabetes in very little time
Eliminates cirrhosis by increasing the count of hepatocytes of the liver and step, of course, what desinflama. Recharge the kidneys of enzymes, helps eliminate excess fluids
It prevents arteriosclerosis
It helps in cases of gout and other types of rheumatism, edema, gastritis and stomach ulcers
Ideal to combat hypertension
It contains lipase, an enzyme that helps to purify harmful fats in the veins, arteries, or simply of fat deposits, so it serves as an extraordinary remedy against obesity, cellulite, bulging abdomen, etc
Help to burn fat, lowers cholesterol, provides muscle tone. Very good food for control diets to lower cholesterol or weight
A great remedy for disorders of the kidneys and bladder (cystisis), effective against urinary tract infections, since it kills the bacteria in the urinary tract

Enzymes that provides the Birdseed have an immense power to shrink our organs, particularly the liver, kidneys and pancreas, which becomes an immense pancreatic regenerator, i.e. controlling diabetes in a few weeks, also removes cirrhosis by increasing the count of hepatocytes of the liver and step course, what desinflama, recharges the kidneys of enzymes, favouring a healthy diuresis that eliminates excess fluids in the body, so the birdseed is a tireless fighter against hypertension, is wonderful, because they contain the lipase enzyme quickly eliminates fat from the body, either of the veins, arteries or simply fat deposits, for this is a great for obesity remedy and generates large and powerful results as a promoter of cutting and muscle tone.

The lipase enzyme helps break down fats and is present in the Birdseed, this together with its load of protein make it a dietary supplement that can help reduce the feeling of hunger and promote diuresis.


It has antibacterial properties and possesses large amount of fiber and antioxidants
You can promote your intestinal transit and gives the feeling of feeling more deflated and lighter. The diet of the Birdseed is very easy to follow since you only have to drink water with millet in powder
At the University of Mexico they have verified that the birdseed brings benefits to health to possess stable amino acids that lead to greater food efficiency in the body

It is not a diet really, although it has been called so. It consists of eating healthily and add to your Birdseed diet powder because it has shown in its composition beneficial enzymes and amino acids.
You need to prepare the beverage-based birdseed, Birdseed and water. Use birdseed powder mixed with water.


Take daily Birdseed powder is a healthy gesture that along with a balanced diet and some exercise can help you lose weight.

Put five tablespoons of millet in powder into a glass and fill it with water mix well and take it.
Fill blender with 250 ml of water and add Birdseed powder, beating until get a milk foaming and soft texture, add more water to 500 ml. This milk must drink it in the morning at breakfast and an hour before dinner.




1/4 Kilo of lentils
1/2 Kilo of ham or vegetarian Bacon 1/2 cup millet flour
1/2 Kilo of tomato
1 Kilo of banana plug (optional)
1/2 Kilo of carrots in cubes
Cilantro to taste
2 Vegetable broth cubes

Cook the lentils and carrots in cubes for 15 to 20 minutes or until they are soft. Fry the Ham with the banana plug. Then blend the tomatoes with a clove of garlic and 1/4 small onion and strain it and season. Mix the tomatoes with the ingredients and the Birdseed dissolved in water, leaving season a few more minutes.



1 tablespoon oil
1 Onion diced
1 carrot diced
1 large tables squash
1 quart of chicken broth
1 tablespoon of tomato concentrate
1/4 cup millet flour
1 can or jar of 300 grams of cooked beans

Heat oil in a large pot and sauté vegetables for 5 minutes.
Meanwhile, heat the broth to its boiling point. Dissolve the flour of Birdseed in a cup of water and Add. When the vegetables have softened, pour les broth and cover so that it recovers the boil quickly. Then uncover and cook vegetables about 8 minutes, until tender. Add the tomato concentrate and cook 8 minutes. Then add the beans, add salt and pepper to taste, and heat well.



1 cup oats ½ Cup raisins
½ Cup millet flour
3 tbsp. butter
1 cup of brown sugar
3 eggs
2 cups of whole wheat flour
1 tbsp. baking powder
Lemon or orange zest

Beat butter, sugar and egg yolks until creamy. Then add the wholemeal flour with flour of birdseed and baking powder. When the mixture is almost ready, add the oats, lemon rind and raisins. Beat the egg whites separately and mix them with the dough until blended perfectly. Shape cookie dough and place in a pan greased with butter. Put cookies in the oven preheated to 200 ° C for 25 minutes


The milk of Birdseed is superior to other products containing only the Birdseed more pure, harvested and processed in the best way to yield the optimum benefits of use. It is also easy to use.

Put five tablespoons of millet in powder into a glass, fill it with water mix well and take it.
Fill blender with 250 ml of water and add Birdseed powder, beating until get a milk foaming and soft texture, add more water to 500 ml. This milk must drink it in the morning at breakfast and an hour before dinner.
Benefits of the milk of Birdseed
Easy to use: do not need to clean, disinfect, soak or extraction of Peel. The Birdseed milk powder is now ready to be used, is developed for human consumption and without sacrificing any of the benefits or nutritional factors of Birdseed.

It contains no Silica.
It is lactose free: does not cause allergies to lactose intolerant people.

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