Consequences of smoking marijuana: reduces IQ

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Smoking marijuana (cannabis) affects mental performance, especially for young people, revealed a study Duke University of Durham (North Carolina), which publishes the American Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (Pnas).

The team led by Madeline Meier found in this research, conducted over almost 40 years, the consumption of cannabis irreversibly damages the central nervous system and can reduce IQ (IQ).

According to experts, the reduction of IQ is greater the more early is the age they begin to consume marijuana. In the case of usual consumers, research reveals that worsen clearly identified areas of the brain, and that this State is maintained with the passage of the years.

In addition, the study shows that habitual cannabis smokers have more trouble of concentration or recall.

In the case of young people, the research warns of the danger will become common consumers, which increases the more early there is contact with the drug.

This affects also the CI, because according to study the brains of young people does not have the ability to recover from damage caused by cannabis. During the growth stage, the brain undergoes key changes, and cannabis use has consequences that damage the nervous system on a permanent basis.

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