Tendinitis, natural and home remedies

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Tendinitis is the inflammation of a tendon. To better
understand the tendinitis will explain first what is the location and function of tendons. Tendons are makers join muscles to bones. Tendinitis usually appears in the tendons that insert muscle joints. Tendons are a series of fibers encased in a wrapper, and it will be when these fibers or wrapping become inflamed due to different causes when tendinitis occurs.

The most common tendinitis causes are:

Shocks or injury to the tendon, both very strong and the minor but very repetitive.
Infections in the area that extends to the tendon.
Excessive work of muscles and movements articular repetitive.
The age is accompanied by the deterioration of the tendons (loss of elasticity of the tendon).
Rheumatic diseases.
Most common tendonitis symptoms are inflammation of the area and severe pain especially when making movements. Tendinitis should be diagnosed by a doctor since to be located mostly in joints can be confused with sprains, etc.

Basically the tendinitis is a condition that recovers at home, i.e. with the rest and joint care. After being diagnosed the pains and inflammation they can be treated-based pain relievers and anti-inflammatories respectively, but there are a number of home remedies for tendonitis that will help us alleviate.

It is recommended to put ice in the area nothing else suffer a blow, and in cases in which we have diagnosed tendinitis apply heat and cold alternately to relieve pain and lower inflammation.

If you don’t want to take anti-inflammatories, we may use some compresses impregnated with infusion of Chamomile tibia, as we have said in many of the articles, Chamomile is carrier of natural anti-inflammatory qualities. Change compress to always keep this warm.

Aloe Vera also has analgesic and anti-inflammatory qualities, why we can perform massage on the area with a gel made of oil and Aloe Vera based crushed (let it macerate in an opaque container for at least 60 days and then strain it, due to its long period of preparation it is always nice to have it prepared it is ideal for massage into sore areas).

Relaxing hot baths for everything, and if come accompanied by salts and mineral better still.

Maintain a balanced diet will help us to have a few muscles and tendons healthy and thereby reduce the chances of a tendinitis. Vegetables, cereals, blue fish, etc.

Also add tendinitis appears there where there are tendons by what we can suffer, among others, of tendinitis in the shoulder, tendinitis in the foot, patellar tendinitis, tendonitis in the knee, tendinitis in arm, tendinitis in the elbow, tendinitis in his hand,

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