7 health problems caused by the use of tight clothing Did you know that tight clothing can impair blood flow and cause various health problems?.

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7 health problems caused by the use of tight clothing
Did you know that tight clothing can impair blood flow and cause various health problems?.

“Tight clothing, mainly made of heavy fabrics, can impair circulation and cause not only pain, the appearance of varicose veins,” said the doctor angiologist Caesar Augustus Araújo. This especially applies to jeans, because according to experts, this type of material compresses the body too, even elasticated.

However, those are not the only problems that can cause, then we leave with 7 health consequences from the use of tight clothes collected by report21.

1. It affects the blood circulation

This practice can hinder the blood flow, causing too long in the lower extremities. That pressure on the legs and abdominal area can be dangerous, as it can create swelling, among other things.

2. Varicose Veins

Wearing tight clothing can facilitate the appearance of varicose veins in the legs, the pressure exerted.

3. Cellulitis

While tight clothing itself is not the cause of cellulite, the positive effects of delayed treatment for combat and therefore enhances their appearance, causing cellulitis eg grade 1-grade 2-evolve.

4. Breathing problems

The very tight clothes also can obstruct the passage of oxygen through the body. For example, you can make your breath comes only to the upper chest. Thus, the exchange of gases not realized efficiently and your body begins to accumulate more carbon dioxide, which accelerates the oxidation of cells and promotes aging.

5. Backaches

Dress pants and tight T-shirts can prevent your body relax and consequently provoke backaches. If you do not believe, try it and wears baggy clothes for a couple of days … you will notice the difference. And is that when you wear tight clothes, your muscles are overloaded, causing your vertebrae strive more than necessary. Furthermore, having compressed hips support your spine loses.

6. Poor digestion

The trousers and tight belts may hamper the digestion process. After eating your stomach expands, and the pressure in this area can cause some flow of stomach acid into the esophagus, causing you heartburn and reflux.

7. Diseases in the genitals

The humidity and high temperatures caused by tight clothing in the genital area, can favor the development of fungi and bacteria. But this risk is not just for women, men they can cause changes in the quantity and quality of sperm and even cause pain in the testicles.


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  1. Henry Munyi

    Surely, everybody b aware of it. Why shorten your life? Tight clothes r of no help but destruction.

  2. Abid

    Highly informative!

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