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Anise is a medicinal plant that has been used humankind for at least 3.600 years and is still used to this day. Lately surprising is one of its kinds: star anise or star, which is used to extract the compound for influenza A (H1N1).

Although the star or star anise is a different variety and could be considered toxic if not know how to use it.

Taken infusion or distilled liquors has proved effective in treatments for various digestive properties and prevention of various diseases. Although liquor use with pleasing, it should be diluted with water or ice to be more useful, since alcohol irritates high ranking digestive system.

To be considered an infusion water should not boil. Even in Asia infusions are an art considered sacred, as among many connotations, it is considered that the item is removed from the good spirits of the plants.

The first historical references to its use have for 3.600 years in Egyptian papyri called Ebbers, famous for being a treatise on medicinal plants.

It also has been used since ancient times in China, India, Greece, Rome, and to this day has not diminished use. Even apart from its digestive and other benefits, it uses up to hunt rodents.

In Asia diseases are considered as negative energy in use of yin and yang. Western or allopathic medicine is chemical while China is energy.

Best way to prepare infusions

The infusions extracted both the chemical and energy plants or seeds, hence they are healthy and seeking infusions know always take some tea, alternating depending on the time of year or the symptoms that we know that are recurrent in life nuesrta .

Anise we are trying in this post is called common anise, green anise, sweet grass or scientific name anise Pimpinella anisum. It is one of the best known medicinal plants.

Within the properties of anise is both carminative, appetizer, toning the stomach, digestive system cleaner especially fermentation and putrefaction that produce meat and junk food.

Because it is very effective carminative diarrhea and flatulence (gas) in both children and adults. Generally used for diseases of the digestive system.

Additionally it is a good expectorant, being indicated for flu, bronchitis, asthma, mucus, sinusitis and smoking cessation.

Among its properties, smoking cessation is highly recommended, not only cleans and restores the respiratory system (where possible), but allows better withstand the absence of nicotine and tar residue clean.

How to use anise.

To prepare the infusion is used half teaspoon (tea) seed for a cup of freshly boiled water to be covered with a plate for about five minutes.

Any infusion hot block or retained for at least five minutes. In China, they have a long tradition of healthy teas, apply freshly boiled water over teapots or cups to retain temperature for longer.

It may take several cups a day depending if preventive or curative may be up to about 6 cups that can be stored in a thermos if problems are bronchial to take warm to hot.

Other uses of anise.

Anise leaves have healing properties similar to diseases of the digestive system and can also be used in salads or casseroles. Among the medicinal plants can be used almost all its parts, including the green stems of the plant.

Likewise, the little seeds are used to make bread, biscuits, sauces and even perfume and clothes environments. If you have problems alitosis (bad breath), try chewing some little seeds that will help to improve your health while much better than chewing gum.

If you suffer from test gases sip a glass of anise liqueur either as an aperitif or digestif with lunch and see improvement while you brighten your spirit, but should not be more than a glass.

One of the main compound anethole anise is used as a basis for preparing the compounds to regulate the menstrual cycle and menopausal problems, so it is advisable to test for these cases. Although, should not be used during pregnancy too.

Although it can be used with some record should not be abused and it is advisable to always consult with your doctor.

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