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The Liver:
He is responsible for breaking down and rebuilding the store and stuff. If a person’s life falls apart, and can not carry out the task of rebuilding, then one stored feelings of being overwhelmed, over-demanded, which can create anger, hatred and resentment. Many people in fact are overloaded by the circumstances of their lives, but the threshold varies widely and of course many people have different neurosis when they feel overloaded.

They have two functions: inspire life and express ideas through speech. For problems with the lungs, one expression is being stifled, not be expressed freely, in any area of your life.
When a word subdues a child, the child can become either a very noisy and always pushes others to just listen to him, which is an over-stimulation of the lungs, or give up, because we are oppressed and close our communication, and then we have weak lungs.
Generally if you have lung problems, is because they have to be heard, and learn new ways of communicating. And as for feeling oppressed, remember there are some people who feel oppressed in a second, and they are approached and feel oppressed, that’s what I mean. They are so full desagotar powerless, so all the stress reduction is a big help.
Meditation reduces the stress and if they learn to do it properly is very useful, but if they do only a short time this does not get the desired effect.

It is the assimilation of the experiences of our ideals, and if they feel it is too what happens, you can not absorb things properly, then the stomach can be decomposed, and the result of a concern creates a crack between the mind and emotions .
Remember again that if they feel it is too what happens, and for many people it is true, those with many simultaneous threads, too, and everything is happening all the time, being themselves the ones creating all this, as are patterns behavior, then you have to look.

It has to do with the sugar and the sweetness of life, it can be damaged by bitterness, especially a mom very bitter, and many people are having this problem.

Involve emotions and are channel water processor more important because that’s where it is stored fears resulting from trauma, which damage to the vitality of the individual blocks their motivation and enthusiasm. When fear is stored in the kidneys, the individual will be found incompetent to handle future emotional situations.

The Spleen:
Retains failures, death wishes, apathy, and if a person faces more difficulties than it can support, one can give up, one can believe that actually failed, and lost his will to live, and their desire to live . There are problems of circulation and digestion, laziness, because feelings are dying, and you have to intellectualize everything, and you feel this kind of apathy and tenderly we endure, and as the feed. Spleen is a problem.

The Gonads:
They store the unconscious, when one leaves his ability to handle oneself, through drugs, alcohol, injuries, accidents, when you lose your own empowerment, external energies we can take possession of us and possess us.
Some people who have left their own government in some area of your life, and that nature does not like a vacuum and there are also holes in the aura, so I usually have things attached to them.

It has to do with love, and damage to the heart is always the loss, when you split the confidence of a person in one, and that leads us to fear more losses and also possessiveness, jealousy, selfishness , that’s all the damage and heart broken.

It is the precursor to heart problems, and is damaged by the fear of loss, and all the tensions resulting from a lack of confidence in life.
Is anxiety about the future and here we must look at the issue of conception, if parents are not positive when you were conceived, if the soul during a time of trauma and were welcomed into the new incarnation and there is a big disappointment soul about how parents will take care of the child, there entones gallbladder problems.

The Breast:
They represent the feminine aspect of nutrient, as well as stored sexuality and women’s feelings about their sexuality and how men see it.
So if there is a sexual trauma, repression, resentment regarding expectations of their role, then damage can happen.

They take us forward, we argue, the problems arise when the person has not had the courage to take a step back. Many times it’s because people have not had the support that he or she believed needed, and then begins to have problems with their legs.

Corresponding to give and receive, and the problem develops when a person does not feel equal to others, and can not find the right balance between giving and receiving. That has to do with if you use your willpower or assigns.
This imbalance is caused by an overdeveloped ego or self-esteem.

It is the flexible part of the spine, is the balance of his will with flexibility. A collar is a rigid, tension in the neck feels very stiff when one makes maintaining rigid concepts and those are challenged.

It is governed by the liver so that the hair loss is caused by clinging rigidly to anger or anger. When someone imposes their will on others just to prove their point of view, one vision keeps bringing past resentments, or remembering. And are cabezaduras. They can have problems with hair.

Are the equilibrium points are creative energy associated with raising children.
It is our ability to stand up and stand on our own, and flexibility in the hips, is related to their sense of personal freedom, and here we look at adolescents, in which subjects are produced on its first feeling of separation from parents , expectations, their departments, have a sexual entity.
If one surrenders the control of parents, as teenagers, instead of finding our own direction, then the hips do not develop properly. So the deterioration of the hips really arises from sexual guilt, so if we feel guilt and resentment, because we have allowed others to make decisions on our own, and we have expressed our power, we also decline in the hips.

The Thyroid:
It is where we store anger, is the desire for power, rigid attitudes, when the thyroid does not work well. There is an abnormal calcification in bones, which can also develop arthritis and back rigid body from a rigid mind.

The Timo:
Stores governs fear and our immune system so that fear makes a person backing up bilge and integrity can be lost in a situation, and when that happens the body allows the entry of viruses.
When you have a virus, you have to look where the fear came into his life, where one was shrunk to a situation, you have to go back to that situation and imagine differently and change it and it helps fight the virus.

Adrenal Glands:
Grief and store complex leads to victims, or I escape? Fight? Always believe there is something out there that is going to take over from them, and is pursuing.
When they are not willing to endure lovingly painful emotional experience, that person reacts as if the world were responsible for their painful experience, and forget that each person is responsible for his own creation, his life.

Stores repressed grief, because grief or pain experience can be a door or a gate to a higher consciousness, after the judgments of the lower glands are transmuted.
Lovingly enduring pain, just that allows us to experience duality and reconciliation, and this just frees all part of the trial and helps the pituitary gland.
Duality is right and wrong, good and bad, positive or negative, at all levels.

The Pineal Gland:
Need natural light of day, you need enthusiasm and if not enough excitement in your life, the pineal gland is not working properly, so they have to go out in nature, because nature in order to find some natural light, and that really going to help.

The Spine:
The spine represents his will, will power, it’s like when you do not maintain your own vision, faced with pressure from without, one can have scoliosis, spinal distortion, which is twisted because willpower bends.
When one uses the spine to do spiritual work, our willpower is aligned with the divine will, and some people call it co-creation, but it really is the spine that opens the Kundalini, which is simply the female who is in the column and as we realize this, she is realizing.

Sexual organs:
They are playing, this of course is the ability to express themselves sexually. There may be an inability to get the female if parents wanted a child of the opposite sex, may be facing one’s own morality and is conducting a self-punishment.

The Back:
It’s what you leave behind you, what you want to forget, what’s in the back of our minds, the lower back is supported, and pain in this part is when a person suffers by not having the support he or she believes it needs in order to achieve something.

Free water is outwardly manifest expression of emotion. If the bladder is weak, a person feels difficulty in expressing their feelings.

The small intestine:
It is the final stage of digestion, is the beginning of the absorption, provides the basis for the construction and growth, builds his personality, his character, his willpower, his confidence, but most important of all is that it reflects the states most important of our lives.
So can you really do not we function when a person suffered a major embarrassment. That shame suffered in early childhood. They are very aware, very close to the people, they think that they are not agreeing or thinking about it, but they remember from school, the first time I menstruated, children who played, a relative who made them feel ashamed.

The Large Intestine:
It has to do with the solid matter and this shows us if we are able to cope well with all subjects.
The large intestine has everything to do with letting go and releasing all the things that do not serve us, and the inability to let go may be the result of a fear of loss. What do you lose if you let go? They have to look back at the moment of conception, what formed the attitude of that person’s personality.

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