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Conjunctivitis, also known as red eyes, is the clinical term that describes inflammation or infection of the thin membrane (conjunctiva) covering the whites of the eyes and the inner eyelids.

When the conjunctiva becomes irritated, the blood that compose diminutosvasos dilate to expel toxins and bring protective antibodies to the surface of the eye.

Therefore, the eye becomes red orosado.

Symptoms may include

Burning or itching constant,
Extreme sensitivity to light, and tearing.
Red eye and its surface may swell
Watery, mucosa or, in the case of a bacterial infection, a thick oozing out of the eye (in the morning the eyes appear to be sealed with glue)
Conjunctivitis can be caused by:

Virus infections associated with colds, herpes simplex
Infections by bacteria infected by contact between the hand and the eye to touch anything that has been in contact with an infectious
Foreign bodies that come under the eyelids,
Exposure to ultraviolet light,
Allergies caused by cosmetics or solutions used to clean contact lenses
Smoke and other air pollution
Pool chlorine

Folk Remedies

Remedy for Conjunctivitis # 1: Alternate cold compresses with warm leaving every five minutes on the eyes. The cold shrink enlarged blood vessels relieving red eyes and inflammation that leads to conjunctivitis. While warm compresses relieve irritation.

Remedy for Conjunctivitis # 2: Eat a serving of goat milk yogurt and also apply a poultice of yogurt every day,

Remedy for Conjunctivitis # 3: Immerse the face (and make eye blinking) twice a day in a bowl of water to which has put a spoonful of salt.

Remedy for Conjunctivitis # 4: Apply a warm poultice of cooked apples, grated raw potatoes or cucumber wrapped in cloth.

Remedy for Conjunctivitis # 5: Apply compresses wet tea bags or pieces of cloth wet (and squeezed) in highly concentrated infusions of chamomile or fennel.

Remedy for Conjunctivitis # 6: Prepare an infusion with 20 g of elderberry flowers per pint of water. Applied by cotton balls, several times throughout the day.

Remedy for Conjunctivitis # 7: Put 1 teaspoon of eyebright cornflower and another in a glass of boiling water, to which is added a pinch of salt. Then pour the contents into a saucepan and set on fire for about a minute. Then let cool and strain with cheesecloth. This preparation can be practiced eye washes two or three times daily.

Remedy for Conjunctivitis # 8: Mix a handful of chamomile with elderflower, Alexandria Rose, rough and cornflower. Put two tablespoons of the mixture in a quart of water and boil for 2 minutes. Let stand five minutes and strain. Apply two pads soaked and hardened on the eye and press lightly with fingers. Repeated five times a day.

Remedy for Conjunctivitis # 9: Boil 50 grams of dried eyebright per liter of water for 5 minutes. Apply through washes where the liquid should go from temple to nose, letting it enter the eye along the way.

Remedy for Conjunctivitis # 10: Place the petals of a poppy flower in a bowl of water. Let stand to cool overnight. Bathing the eyes with next day that preparation.

Remedy for Conjunctivitis # 11: Pour 1 tablespoon quince seeds in half a cup of water that is boiling. Cover and leave to cool. Place one or two drops of this preparation on eyes twice daily for one week.

Remedy for Conjunctivitis # 12: Place grated carrot in the fridge and when cool place them on closed eyelids.

Remedy for Conjunctivitis # 13: Pour 2 tablespoons of white sweet clover dried flowers in 1 cup of boiling water. Leave for 30 minutes, strain and eye wash.


To prevent conjunctivitis, we suggest:

No touching objects that have been utiizado by a person with conjunctivitis.
To help maintain eye health, many experts recommend a daily tablet view that contains vitamins A, C and E,
No exposure to pool water, if you tend to suffer from conjunctivitis or try to take a lens set to swim.

People with conjunctivitis are advised that:

A meticulous personal hygiene helps prevent further contamination or transmission of eye infections. Therefore:
Hands should be washed before and after touching the eyes,
Bed linen, towels, pillow cases and performing any fabric object came into contact with the eyes should be washed separately.
Cosmetics should not be shared.
Do not wear an eye patch unless recommended by your doctor, because it could promote the proliferation of infectious organisms.

You should receive immediate medical attention if the following symptoms occur:

Conjunctivitis worse after five days.
Excessively red eyes and sharp pain
Change in vision
Abundant greenish discharge
Recent injury to the eye before conjunctivitis can appear that the infection entered the eye because the cornea was scratched due to injury which can cause ulcers, loss of sight or eye.

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