Consequences of smoking marijuana: Reduces IQ

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Smoking marijuana (cannabis) affects mental performance, especially in the case of young people, a new study from Duke University in Durham (North Carolina), which publishes the magazine Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

The team led by Madeline Meier found in this research, conducted over nearly 40 years, cannabis irreversibly damages the central nervous system and can lower intelligence quotient (IQ).

According to experts, the reduction of IQ is higher the earlier the age at which they start using marijuana. For regular users, the research shows that clearly worsen certain areas of the brain, and that this state is maintained over the years.

Furthermore, the study shows that regular cannabis smokers have more trouble concentrating or remembering.

For young people, the research warns that become regular users, which increases the earlier contact is made with the drug.

This also affects the CI, for the study of the young brain is not able to recover from the damage caused by cannabis. During the growth stage, the brain undergoes critical changes, and cannabis use has consequences that damage the nervous system permanently.

The team around Meier investigated for this study over 38 years more than 1,000 people born in New Zealand in the early 70s.


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  1. Another MildGreen Initiative

    The research has been shown to be flawed and that other socioeconomic factors account for the apparent IQ decline. Though median IQ’s are a poor predictor of the life quality one leads or enjoys, it still should not really surprise anyone there is a coorelation between money and education access.

    That isn’t to say that young people should abuse cannabis. But not all use is abuse either.

    For young folk displacing a alcohol misuse may have positive inherent qualities and downside avoidance not accounted for in a intelligence quotient measure.

    Also too, but poorly measured, or indeed accounted for in policy managment is the rejection of and impediments to health promotion messages, or elevated risk taking and deviency amplification, or alienation from rule of law, all factors that accrue directly from a law in wholesale disrepute.. such that research across the data sets across similar cohorts (Dunedin and Christchurch) it was found that 80% of young folk had tried cannabis and found it likeable…. so much so, they were prepared to break the law more than five times

    This begs the question, who has the lower IQ?, those who made the law and enforce it (targetting and criminalising young folk )?, or those teens in the majority for whom cannabis was not so much a problem and who predominatly went on to perfectly normal otherwise law abiding and productive lives?

  2. Another MildGreen Initiative

    BTW, cannabis has nothing to do with dopamine receptors…any more than a good shag, an exhausting run, an excellent movie, a good book, a long swim, or a hug from your Mom. Someone needs to understand that cannabinoid receptors are everywhere in your body. While there bazzilions in your brain, to suggest that dopamine is the mechanism, as if that proves anything, deludes even the seriously IQ equiped. If you want people, especially young folk to be protected from drug related harms, first stop lying to them. Distorting the truth is not OK either. The audience for the image above need only google “endocannabinoid” and “synapse” to find it is (a) an neuroprotective (b) functionaly different from dopamine/reward (c) and lots of other exciting interesting and useful stuff.

    I would far rather meet and talk with a young person with an inquiring mind (and who may or may not have used cannabis) than a scientist in denial of the evidence that cannabis harms are and continue to be largely overstated.

      • noshinrezaie

        Your comment was very interesting., this was only one Spanish translation of website herbs and not my personal opinion.My expertise is in plant medicine Herb. Cannabis research and I’ve been on the material properties., And I’m quite aware of the advantages and disadvantages…thank you

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