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Alopecia. Esuna congenital or acquired, in lcantidad hair covering the body surface, especially in populated areas more often. It is a symptom that accompanies many states. Hair loss in men is a constitutional basis (innnata) and hereditary in most cases, hence the difficulty of treatment.
In the present state of our knowledge is extremely difficult to give a solution to the problem of baldness. Alopecia in women is often devido acquired factors: it is best to say remedio.Durante or after pregnancy hair loss ensues in many women. This is irrelevant and hair regenerates quickly after a mesesdesde certainly does not require treatment alopecia especial.Mas importance are deficient in thyroid function, as heperfucnion tantop by hypofunction, alopecia is also common after infections (sificilis , fever, typhoid, scarlet fever, gonorrhea etc), sometimes taking many months to recover lost bob. Not infrequently alopecia to be deve this for mercury poisoning food or water, in another section also discuss alopecia resulting from chemotherapy.
Personally I sometimes come people with this problem and after a brief inspection eyepiece having no presence of any topical infection on scalp and based on macro functions also in lifestyles have been determined before treatment and often liver I need not even reach the local treatment which can be directly with a mixture of oatmeal and aloe that is fully integrated and Aloe aloes of aloe which has given me good results

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