MOON-circle of women.

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We entered a new phase … the moon has grown and begun to unfold in all its glory, full of energy, light … Youth Force goes after your self up to the fullness. There we are.
It’s the full moon, is the woman fulfilled. This archetype represents the maturity life cycle life, where women shines with all her being female.
At this stage the woman embodies the full power of your feminine. Your body, mind and soul reach their greatest strength and willingness to be and provided to WORLD. That is, to love, sensual and sexually, to procreate, give, hold and care for life, to create with all your mind, your body, your emotions, your spirit, to enjoy and exercise who is freely.
This is the stage where every woman is reflected in all his personal power. It’s the big stage and opportunity to show the world who you are and what you have to offer.
The symbol of the full moon is not accidental. That circle, from there you come from women’s circles, where their energy is full, refers to wholeness, to integrate all its dimensions, its creative energies and procreative. Symbolizes the maturity and depth of the feminine and as the moon itself, it can influence and change the tides, nature and above all the beings that surround it.
At that stage of life we are powerful, physically strong, beautiful, smart. Shine. At that stage we built a couple, we are mothers, we develop projects, activities, act in the public and private sectors. But not the external brightness shines the most, the true brightness is coming from the inner consciousness of wholeness. That is what makes us atractivas.-MORELIA Mayz-Psychotherapist-Sexual Women

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