The heart has brain …. How’s this?

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The heart has brain …. How’s this?
It has been discovered that the heart contains an independent nervous system and well developed over 40,000 complex neurons and a dense network of neurotransmitters, proteins and support cells.
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“The heart has Reasons That Reason does not understand”
B. Pascal.

The heart has brain … how it is this?
It was discovered That the heart contains an independent and well Developed Nervous System with more than 40.000 neurons and a dense and complex network of neurotransmitters, proteins, and cells of support.

It is intelligent

Thanks to These circuits so elaborate, it Seems that the heart can make decisions and take action Independently of the brain, and That Can Learn, remember and even Perceive.

There are four types of connections That depart from the heart and go towards the brain of the head.
1. Neurological communication through the transmission of nerve impulses. The heart sends more information to the brain Which Tan, is the only organ of the body With That property, and can inhibit or activate Certain parts of the brain According To the circumstances.
It means the heart That can Influence our way of thinking.
It Can Influence our perception of reality and THEREFORE in our reactions.

2. The biochemical information by hormones and neurotransmitters. It is the heart Which produces the hormone ANF, Which Ensures the overall balance of the body: homeostasis. One of its effects is to inhibit the production of the stress hormone and produce and release oxytocin, Which is Known as the hormone of love.

3. The Biophysical communication through pressure waves. It Seems that through the heart rate and its variations the heart sends messages to the brain and the rest of the cuerpo.4. Energy communication: the electromagnetic field of the heart is the MOST powerful of all the organs of the body, 5,000 times more intense than the brain. And it has been Observed That You change Depending on the emotional state. When We have fear, frustration or stress Becomes chaotic. And ordered with positive emotions.

Yes. And We Know That the magnetic field of the heart extends around the body Between Two and Four meters, ie, That All Those around us get Energy Information Contained in our heart.

What conclusions These discoveries They lead us?

The circuit of the brain from the heart is the first to treat information that then passes through the brain from the head. Is not this new circuit to step in human evolution?

There are two kinds of variation of heart rate: one is harmonious, wide and normal waves, and takes this form When the person has positive, elevated and generous thoughts and emotions.

The other is disordered, incoherent waves with negative emotions and Appears.
Yes, fear, anger or suspicion.

But there is more: the brain waves are synchronized With These variations in heart rate, ie, the heart That drag at the head. The Conclusion Is that the love of the heart is not an emotion, is a State of intelligent consciousness.

The heart brain active in the brains of the head completely new perception Which higher education institutions interpret reality without Relying on past experiences. This new circuit does not pass through the old memories, Their knowledge is immediate, instantaneous, and has an accurate THEREFORE perception of reality.

Demonstrated That It Is When humans used the brain from the heart Creates a biological state of coherence, and harmonizes everything works properly, is a superior intelligence through positive emotions That fires.

This is a potential not activated, but it begins to be accessible to a large number of people.

And how can I Activate This circuit?

Cultivating the qualities of the heart: the openness towards others, listening, patience, cooperation, acceptance of Differences, the courage.

It is the practice of positive emotions and thoughts.

In essence, free from the spirit of separation and the three primary Mechanisms: fear, desire (greed) and the eagerness of domain, Mechanisms That Are anchored deeply in the human being Because You have Helped us to survive millions of years.

And how we fight them?

Taking the position of witnesses, Noting our thoughts and emotions without judging them, and choosing the emotions That can make us feel good. We must learn to rely on intuition and acknowledge That it is not the true origin of our emotional reactions to what happens on the outside, but inside us.

Cultivate silence, contact with nature, experience periods of solitude, meditate, contemplate, take care of your vibratory environment, group work, Living With simplicity.

And ask your heart When you do not know what to do.

“The human being Carries with it an extraordinary potential for consciousness, intelligence, wisdom and love; Recent Scientific Findings

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