What is pleurisy? Into directory a to z medical environment

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What is pleurisy? Into directory a to z medical environment

The pleurisy is characterized by pain when inflamed parietal pleura (pleura: membrane lining the lungs).

What causes it?

The pleuritis has multiple causes, for example in a young, otherwise healthy pleuritis may be due to viral respiratory infections or pneumonia.


The feature is a pain in the side, which is located, acute, transient, and aggravated by coughing, sneezing, deep breathing or movement. When inflamed the central portion of the diaphragmatic parietal pleura usually refers to pain ipsilateral shoulder.


Is established based on the clinical picture, history and plain chest plate (chest tube). The presence of pleural effusion, pleural thickening or air in the pleural space requires more diagnostic and therapeutic measures. It is important to remember that a single rib fracture can cause severe pleurisy.


Treatment consists of a beginning, in treating the underlying condition. They can also be useful in managing pain simple analgesics and antiinflammatories (indomethacin 25 mg two to three times oral daily).

Codeine can be used to control pain related cough, 30 to 60 mg oral every 8 hrs. Simple as there is no likelihood of causing retention in respiratory secretions.

Sometimes when you can not control the pain, you need the intercostal nerve block. Taking infiltration later a chest radiograph to exclude pneumothorax.

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