Habitat: It is native to Asia and is grown worldwide

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Parts used: the fruit and peel, the essential oil.

Active ingredients: essential oil by 2.5% approximately in the shell, consisting mainly of monoterpenes such as limonene, which is the major component (ca. 70%) with alpha-terpinene, alpha-beta pinene, myrcene, sabinene, aldehydes, especially citral; sestiquerpenostales as bisboleno caryophyllene and (1.5). Coumarins, including limotina, bergamottin and imperatorina (5). Flavonoids or bioflavonoids called citroflavonoides especially esperidosido, natingosido and eridictiosido. Vitamin C, mucilage, calcium oaxalato.

Therapeutic Use: The cons used citroflavonoides vascular dysfunctions, which results in venous insufficiency hemorrhoids, varicose veins, etc.. as vascular permeability control fluids and proteins and to reduce porosity. Reports that are also anti-inflammatory (perhaps because of its content of bisabolol), antihistamines and diuretics. Lemon is a source of vitamin C widely known and used as food and flavoring

Lemon is also a powerful healing, meaning that etching can help wounds cicatrizen, contrary to what was previously believed that such action difficult, we use natural medicine as a powerful immune system stimulant and febrifuge shell as but also has antibacterial properties and some amebicides among many more.

It is advisable to take the lemon juice together with an equal amount of extra virgin olive oil as cholagogue, lemon juice also helps in the process of stomach ulcers but the logic seems to dictate otherwise, and frequent coughing processes is excellent expectorant to prerapar a syrup with honey, lemon juice and peel it.

Lemon is a great medicine that expected in almost all cuisines.

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