Apricot source of beta-caroteneAmong vegetables, carrots beta-carotene has

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Apricot source of beta-carotene

Among vegetables, carrots beta-carotene has the highest fruits, apricots is like this. No other fruit is the size of beta carotene. Carotenoids and vitamin A precursor beta carotene than those of the body. As an antioxidant, helps protect the body from free radical damage.

Recently, it has been proven that many other carotenoids, such as quercetin Metrology much salicylic acid is the apricot. This drug belongs to a large group of bioactive substances that could impression the food, health care do restructuring the build and mucous membranes.

Young skin is to eat apricots

Beta carotene found in apricots prevent calluses and dry skin is closing. Once the skin, scaly white or gray is the lack of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene as a natural skin from the inside of the can.

Apricot shields against damage from the sun’s Ultraviolet

There is little protection  summer carotenoid and UV  however, proportionally more carotene in the body is consumed. Beta-carotene has a protective covering for the body against free radicals creates.

Sunlight, nicotine, smoking, stress and harmful materials, production of free radicals in the body can be dangerous. Beta-carotene has the ability to fight free radicals and energy comes to dim their destruction.

Carotene in the skin acts as a shield against ultraviolet radiation. If you do not use sunscreens, skin browning facilitate prevents skin from Red 
Sweet kernel apricot kernel oil

Gastrointestinal and softening laxatives bitter apricot seed kernel oil is beneficial for patients with MS is useful hemorrhoid pain relief is a few drops in the ear.

Apricots dried leaves boiled stomach worm (a parasite) is diminished and the urine is high.

Health benefits of apricot kernel leaves

The core of ancient Iranian medicine, hot and dry and the leaves and flowers are cool and dry.

1 – to soften the skin, apricot kernel oil can be used.

2 – If the oil core is bitter fatal intestinal worms, swollen anus destroyed and bladder stones may break.

3 – to relieve earache a few drops in the ear  infused apricot. The tail is useful for stopping diarrhea.
Medicinal properties:
Therapeutic properties of apricot
Apricot is the traditional medicine of cold
1) is a blood purifier
2) the vessel is open
3) has a laxative
4) will cure halitosis
5) on the febrile
6) is useful for anemia due to cobalt
7) to relieve arthritis
8) against rickets is
9) Alkaline body is useful for
Core therapeutic properties of apricot leaves
The core of the traditional medicine of dry leaves and flowers are cool and dry.
1 – The brain is the amplifier sexual impotence
2 – kernel oil, apricot kernel, the sounds you hear in the ear  destroyed and heavily hear treats.
3 – atomic kernel oil to soften the skin and is useful
4 – Oils core is a tragic fatal intestinal worms is
5 – Oil painful swelling in the anal cells are destroyed and crushed gravel.
6 – infused apricot is good for stopping diarrhea.
7 – to relieve earache a few drops in the ear  infused apricot.
Apricot generally slow digestion, is heavy and flatulent. Senior citizens and children should avoid eating too much of them

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