Health benefits of green tea:Tooth decay:Green tea extract

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Health benefits of green tea:

Tooth decay:

Green tea extract has antibacterial and plaque and prevents tooth 

Protect the Heart

Scientists have identified a chemical in green tea that is effective 
in protecting the heart against damage.

Experts’ British Institute of Child Health, “the study failed to 

identify a chemical compound called green tea”Tuesday  “which

can reduce cell death after a heart attack or stroke occurs.
Tuesday It also speeds up the recovery of heart cells and reduces 

the damage to it. However, one of the main causes of heart 

disease and stroke, high cholesterol levels in the blood of humans.

Green tea in addition to vitamins A and C (a powerful 

antioxidant), reduce cholesterol in the blood is a risk that these 

diseases, such as heart attacks and lowers.

Reduce triglycerides

Catechin in green tea, the lipase enzyme activity (the enzyme 

responsible for digesting fats) in the pancreas, containment is, 

therefore, very little can be done quickly break down fat and cholesterol goes up a little speed.


Taking half the 5/2 cups of green tea per day had a 46 percent 

reduced risk of hypertension.

Prevent Diabetes

Green tea is capable of complications from diabetes, such as 

cataracts and kidney disease miraculously stop.

Auto Body Immune Disease Prevention

Researchers said green tea helps prevent your body from auto 

immune diseases. Green tea stimulates the immune function of 

antigen that can be used to prevent. The results show that there is 

a substance in green tea called EGCG stop inflammation and its 

effects on the skin and saliva are secreted by cells.

Slimming green tea:

Green tea extract increases the body’s stored fat calories burned 

and weight loss is the result.

Green tea extract increases the body’s stored fat calories burned 

and weight loss is the result. Earlier studies on animals have 

shown that green tea extract increases the is.

This process is to generate body heat in digestion, absorption 

and metabolism of food in the body is created. This process is 

similar to research on humans has been demonstrated. Green 

Tea Caffeine also increases from 28 to 70 percent  in the body.

How to brew green tea:

Hot water temperature 80 to 85 degrees, add it to the teapot lid 

and leave for 7 to 8 minutes. Then drink it. Need to brew green 

tea such as black tea does not over heat.

Effects of green tea:

Too much caffeine in green tea and its extracts are some of the 

people some of the symptoms such as nervousness, 

sleeplessness and restlessness can. Individuals who are ill 

should not strain the eyes and a little amount of people who have migraine should be.

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