Mamey PropertiesThe fruit is ovoid, about 15 cm

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Mamey Properties

The fruit is ovoid, about 15 cm in diameter, greenish bark, leathery, thin, it comes off easily, with salmon flesh, very sweet, pink flowers, the tree can reach 30 m high with the cup pyramidal dense and grayish-brown crust of a scaly rough or cracked, the opposing sheets, simple elliptical, rounded 15 to 25 cm in length and 5 to 10 cm wide, rounded at the apex and the base.

Properties: said to have antibiotic properties, but it is a fruit not tolerated by all people, little by little start to check how you feel, can get sore stomach.

They also have insecticidal properties in popular applications was used to treat scalp infections, diarrhea, digestive problems, and vision.

Characteristics: Its fruit is round 15 cm diameter scribe like a large peach, her skin is leathery, thin, brown and bitter, his flesh is orange, juicy and has one to four seeds ivory color and the taste is sweet and aromatic like apricot with hints of vanilla and caramel.

To prepare fresh: First you must separate the skin of the fruit, it makes a cut and peel from the top down in parts, comes off easily, then scrape the fruit to reach the orange pulp, separate the seeds along with the membrane that covers (is bitter), bucking and add to salads or fruit salads. The mamey fruit texture can be creamy and soft or very firm and crisp. Fruits that have not reached its maturity are used to cooked jellies, jams or preserves. In the French West Indies its flowers are distilled to obtain a liquor.

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