Quince Properties and InformationIt is a fruit native

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Quince Properties and Information

It is a fruit native to Asia Minor and product Quince (Cydonia maliformis), shrub about three or four meters, belonging to the family Rosaceae. From Asia Minor became the Mediterranean, at present, the best quince are given in Portugal.

The fruit is yellow velvety skin, the membrillo not eaten raw, like other fruits, but roasted. The quince is very famous.
In nature, it tastes unpleasant, but taste changes completely cooked. If the quince is well seasoned, very aromatic, so many people used to have them hanging in the pantry or between linen.


Quince contains tannin and pectin, of which binding digestive mucous benefit because it acts as an astringent and emollient. It is also great as an aperitif and as a gastric stimulant and liver. The leaves and bark of the branches are febrífugas retoñadas by decoction. The infusion of dried or fresh flowers is pectoral and anti-tiespasmódica.
The quince is also used to overcome aesthetic problems such as the appearance of wrinkles on the face.

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