Twenty types of food we can refer you

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Twenty types of food we can refer you to prevent your blood sugar to rise.

Most nutritionists will advise you on your diet include apples because apples are very low calorie and high fiber front of it is hunger. Apple is also an enemy of bad cholesterol and reduce blood sugar levels.

Avocado fruit, rich in mono unsaturated fatty acids, which results in slow digestion and prevent the rise of blood sugar after a meal.

You can substitute white rice, barley, blood sugar levels after a meal to approximately 70% decrease and remain constant for hours. Soluble fiber can slow digestion and the atmosphere is absorbed by the sugar gradually.

All vegetables can inhibit soluble fiber high blood sugar. In addition, protein-rich vegetables and meat can easily replace them.

You can select portions of low-fat beef quarter give it at every meal. Getting enough protein to stay full longer, and the causes of weight loss does not  tissue volume. Protein also helps to increase metabolism.

Fleshy fruits
Types of fleshy fruits containing one or more seeds that are available in colors such as red or purple grapes contain natural compounds called anthocyanins are. Researchers say the color of the seeds can reduce blood sugar and insulin production in the body are stimulated at the same time.

Broccoli is rich in chromium which is essential in the long run and it is important to regulate blood sugar.

Carrots are rich in beta-carotene is a natural resource which can reduce the risk of diabetes and regulates blood sugar.

Chicken breast meat is lower in fat than thighs or other parts.

Be sure to eat one or two eggs per day does not raise your blood cholesterol and changed the course of the hours you keep.

One of the reasons people with diabetes die of cardiovascular disease problems. Eating fish once or twice a week can reduce the risk of at least 40 percent. The fatty acids found in fish are likely to develop diabetes, insulin resistance, and inflammation of the main factors that reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Flax seeds are rich in protein, fiber, good fats, the kind found in fish and magnesium. These substances regulate blood sugar and insulin helps cells absorb.

Milk and yogurt
These foods are rich in protein and calcium and can help you lose weight. On the other hand, these materials suffer from insulin resistance.

Walnuts contain high amounts of fiber and protein and fuels has slowed gradually turns into sugar. Mono-unsaturated fats that the rich are useful for health.

All types of seed beads
Rich in good fats, protein and fiber, which can lower your blood sugar and keep getting cardiovascular diseases are preventable. In addition, this material is a natural source of sterols that reduce cholesterol.

Joey ends
Oats contain fiber and water-soluble solvent which constitutes a paste. It makes use of the enzymes in the stomach and  food molecules to come into a sticky barrier. The food in the digestive tract longer hold the sugar gradually into the blood.

Olive oil
Olive oil is called liquid gold because it contains powerful anti-inflammatory agent, and the researchers have compared it with aspirin. People who have a Mediterranean diet, olive oil, fruits and vegetables, whole grains and low-fat meat, eat less to develop diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. In both of these diseases are the inflammation in the body. Unlike butter, olive oil, good fats increase the body’s resistance to insulin and reduces the resistance. Olive oil is also entering retarders slow digestion and blood sugar.

Peanut Butter
Recent research has shown that eating peanut butter can cause appetite and satiety blind person is more when compared to a sugar, low fiber intake is. Mono-unsaturated fats in the peanut butter is rich in sugar, which can be set.

Wholemeal bread
High consumption of white bread can increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin and reduce blood glucose in the Wholemeal bread if that works exactly the opposite.

A sweet potato in the oven and roast for 30% less than regular potato increases blood sugar because it contains high fiber and that 40 percent of them are halal and decrease cholesterol and slow digestion,. In addition, sweet potatoes are rich in carotenoids, yellow and orange pigments that allow organisms to respond to the insulin. Sweet potatoes are also rich in acid . The combination of natural herbs can help to reduce insulin resistance.

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