Foods to lower cholesterolA substance that is part

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Foods to lower cholesterol

A substance that is part of our body is cholesterol, bad LDL cholesterol exists, that accumulates causing damage and the good HDL cholesterol. The problem is when we started to connect the bad cholesterol in our arteries, it can cause our cardiovascular system diseases.

There are methods to lower cholesterol, the best option would be to improve our diet, which is why we’ll show you some foods can reduce cholesterol, to make you more healthy.

Foods to lower cholesterol and tegliceridos has much fiber, as in the case of fish oil and nuts, but there are other foods that can help to lower cholesterol and lead a healthy life.

Avocados or better known as avocados are nutritious and quite rich, are very good for our health, one of the properties is that it is able to lower blood cholesterol, because it has a large amount of oleic acid, which can control bad cholesterol and prevents diseases related to it.

Fruits and vegetables
As often said vegetables and fruits are very beneficial to health because they provide lots of nutrients and also reduce cholesterol. They have no cholesterol, which is good eating them when we get hungry, thus avoid other foods if they have cholesterol, fruits have fiber coming together to cholesterol in our digestive system, thus preventing to collect in the artery walls.

Garlic has many properties to our health, is curative, other capabilities of garlic is to considerably reduce cholesterol as garlic cloves have allicin which is a compound which lowers triglyceride levels and low density lipoproteins have LDL. Moreover garlic has vitamin A and that is a powerful antioxidant, which is able to prevent evil effect of lipids in the bloodstream.

Legumes are quite beneficial and nutritious for our body are healthy foods and cholesterol that do not provide, such as chickpeas, lentils, peas and beans, and can be the replacement of meat, which have large amounts of cholesterol, they possess high quality protein. The vegetables provide fiber they help to lower the level of cholesterol in our blood.

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