Nutritional benefits of pitahayaIts origin dates back to

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Nutritional benefits of pitahaya

Its origin dates back to colonial times where the Spanish conquistadors found in central America, more precisely in Mexico or South America and Colombia.

There are different varieties of pitaya is why we find in diversoscoloresy sizes, but commonly traded in Europe is reddish from Vietnam.

Regarding the nutritional value estafrutano much to highlight, made mostly of sugar water has little caloric intake with minimal carbohydrates which make it unafrutaveraniega and used for diets.

In his red variety we encounter large amounts of vitamin C, so much so that 55% of its edible composition is formed by it.

Vitamin C is critical to the formation of teeth, bone, collagen, and red blood cells while also facilitates and enhances the absorption dehierroque have various alimentos.Además its antioxidant power generation and resistance to infections are highlights

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