VITAMIN B IS FOR “EXPEDITE” NEURONSOther beneficial substances

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Other beneficial substances are the vitamins of group B.

They are essential for age-related pathologies, help preserve the functions of the mind and prevent memory loss. According says Carlos E. Rodriguez, “all B vitamins involved in nerve function. Specifically, vitamin B12, with the inclusion of cobalt in the formula, has a beneficial action on the nerves and, therefore, on the mind, which operates by exchanging information between the brain and nerve cells, connected via of neurotransmitters. “But after 50 years, many people lose the ability to absorb, through food, vitamin B12, an antioxidant that protects neurons and is found in animal products. For this reason, many experts recommend taking in supplements.

Folic acid or vitamin B9 is another powerful antioxidant, known to be important for fetal neurodevelopment.

An adult with folic acid deficiency has a higher risk of depression, memory loss and dementia. It is found in fruits and green leafy vegetables.

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