Vitamin E, also known Tocopherol is a fat

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Vitamin E, also known Tocopherol is a fat soluble vitamin that enters the body through a large amount of food. Have important functions in the body such as fertility and tissue formation.

Being fat-soluble, vitamin E dissolves in oils and fats and consumed through foods high in fat. Fat-soluble vitamins accumulate in the body so you do not need to consume daily. On the contrary, too much can be harmful. Vitamin E is stored in the liver and adipose tissues of the body.

Unlike Vitamin C and vitamin B, which are water soluble, vitamin E is not destroyed in the cooking process, although it is degraded by freezing. This allows the entry of the vitamin is greater and longer lasting in the body.

What is Vitamin E?
Vitamin E participates mainly in red blood cell production in the body. It also works to a significant extent in the formation of muscles and tissues.

Also, Vitamin E is related to the male sex cell formation and antiesterilización. Vitamin E and fertility is a complex mechanism from which the antioxidant action contributes to the production of sperm, mainly in maturation, and formation of the egg. It also ensures the proper functioning of the placenta.

The antioxidant properties contribute to the whole body. Among its many functions is the protection of the adrenal gland and is recommended in cases of male infertility, pregnancy in cases of abortions or premature births in excess bleeding during menstruation, skin lesions in eye problems to combat cirrhosis and premature aging as lock.

Vitamin E for the skin is used as a supplement to anti wrinkle creams, and thanks to their antioxidant capabilities can deactivate free radicals that cause wrinkles and aging marks. Ie the properties of vitamin E stop the process of cell breakdown product of blood oxygen.

Foods with Vitamin E
Vitamin E is found mainly in foods rich in fats and oils.

Foods rich in Vitamin E are:

vegetable oils
Today you can also get vitamin D fortified foods and vitamin E, since the former is essential for the proper formation of bones and the second for the maturation of the sexual organs and the production of red blood cells and tissues. These fortified foods are geared especially to infants and young children who need to strengthen their bones and muscles.

See more foods rich in vitamin E.
Lack of Vitamin E
The deficiencies of this substance in the body can cause anemia, loss of fertility and muscular dystrophy. Also known deficiency cases that ended in neurological disorders, which is because there is not enough mielinizaciones in neuronal axons to the nerve impulse is transmitted properly.

Many times, the deficiency can be given by an alteration in the absorption by the intestine of vitamin and not a low consumption of food. In cases of suffering symptoms related to vitamin E deficiency, it is necessary to consult a specialist to determine what the cause of the deficiency and can manage a dietary supplement.

Excess Vitamin E
Vitamin E should not be consumed in excess, since being a fat soluble vitamin accumulates in the body and can become a poison to the body. However, excess doses should be ten times the recommended daily amount. The most common consumer overshoot of Vitamin E have been seen in children and athletes, due to the false belief that a vitamin boost accelerates growth and physical performance.

Symptoms of excess vitamin E in the body are related nausea, gas, and diarrhea. Also, the coagulation of the blood increases, thus not recommended high doses of vitamin E in patients who consume coagulants. Check with your doctor about the recommended dosage as your medical history.

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