Celery, a potent diuretic and cleanserBegin to Lose

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Celery, a potent diuretic and cleanser
Begin to Lose Weight and Burn GrasasEl Celery is used for kidney infections as it facilitates the operation thereof and is an excellent cleanser that removes waste substances in the urine, such as uric acid and urea. Therefore the Celery is recommended as a home remedy to dissolve kidney, eliminate toxins, anti-gout, rheumatism joint conditions or different and to avoid overloading a delicate liver.
It has antibacterial properties and as a blood purifier helps diabetics in metabolism.
To lose weight eat more celery
Due to its very low caloric value is an ideal food for use in diets. When eaten raw fiber abundance chewing forces well and provides satiety.
Anti-inflammatory effect of celery and joint pain
Appropriate as home treatment if inflammatory arthritis or gout. Celery various compounds such as flavonoids help in the renovation of the joints and connective tissue.
Celery Antioxidant Power
Celery essential oil is used for its antioxidant properties reducing insoluble cholesterol deposition in the arteries.
Digestive problems
Celery promotes the secretion of saliva and gastric juices, so its use is especially suited for people with poor appetite and slow digestion.
Treating Hypertension and fluid retention with the help of Celery
Celery essential oils help control hypertension This exerts a dilatory effect on the renal vessels and thus increases the amount of urine helps to eliminate water and toxins.
Celery against skin problems
Celery provides substances that protect the skin and activated by ultraviolet light to increase the availability of pigment cells in the skin surface. Is used in cases of psoriasis and for treating


Contraindications of Celery
To excess raw celery can be indigestible, but when cooked is dissolved both containing cellulose and makes it more digestible.

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