20 best remediesThere are several ingredients that I

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20 best remedies

There are several ingredients that I say super ingredients because they have a variety of uses. In this article I will put 20 of these ingredients.

Omega-3 fatty acids

The Omega-3 fatty acids are a group of fats that, instead of doing harm as other fats, bring many benefits to the body in general. They are found in fish oils and flaxseed.
How to help?
Prevent heart attacks because lower blood pressure by inhibiting the production of substances that constrict blood vessels. Omega-3 also form a kind of platelets that are less likely to form clots and reduce levels of fats related to cholesterol.
Reduce inflammation so they are a great help for people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease.
Helps prevent osteoporosis by making bones stronger.
Improve mental health. Decreases depression and are beneficial for people with bipolar disorder. They also help improve memory.
They relieve pain by reducing menstrual cramps and other discomforts.
It could be that prevent breast cancer and colon.

Therapists properties of garlic have been used for many years. Besides being a remedy for cardiovascular disease also plays a role in cancer prevention and treatment of fungal and tuberculosis.
How to Help?
Some chemicals contained in garlic can be as effective as aspirin to prevent blood clots.
It improves circulation, expands blood vessels and lowers blood pressure.
Prevents cellular changes that cause cancer and can kill cancer cells already formed.
Raw garlic can be used as an antibiotic on wounds. It also combats the fungi that cause athlete’s foot, vaginal yeast infections and various types of ear infections. It also kills bacteria such as E.coli and H.pylori.
Garlic is most effective if it is eaten raw as many of its properties are lost when cooked. To avoid garlic breath can chew a sprig of parsley.

Bilberry is a shrub that occurs in the forests of North America.
How to Help?
Reduce urine odor which is useful for people who suffer from incontinence.
Fighting urinary tract infections producing a substance that prevents colonization of bacteria such as E.coli.
Cranberry juice sold in the supermarket is very diluted so it is better to buy the juice concentrate in a health food store and make the mixture yourself. Check with your doctor before taking it.

Arnica is used as an external treatment. Arnica is poisonous, never eat unless it is as homeopathic treatment which is quite dilute and recommended by a professional. Do not use near eyes or mouth.
How to Help?
A 5-25% cream applied to bruises arnica several times a day helps heal and relieve pain.
It relieves foot pain. At night you can take a foot bath by adding a tablespoon of arnica tincture in warm water.
If you are allergic to certain plants avoid the use of arnica.
Sodium Bicarbonate

Baking soda has many uses in the home, in the kitchen, personal care, in addition to its many healing properties.
How to Help?
Is a naturally neutralizing. For property helps neutralize alkaline strong acids. For example, for heartburn, take one tablet of baking soda with lemon or a teaspoon mixed in a glass of water. However, it is good to use this remedy very often because the high sodium content could be harmful.
To brush your teeth because it reduces the acids that harm them.
In the pastry as yeast.
To eliminate foot odor and armpits because it neutralizes the bacteria that cause odor.
Relieves mosquito bites. Instead of scratching, get a paste of baking soda with water and apply to the sting.
Other uses are baby smooth skin, fights bladder infections and soothes sunburned skin.

Witch hazel comes from the American plant Hamamelis virginiana.
How to Help?
Relieves razor cuts of as it contains tannin, a substance that blocks the blood vessels.
It tones the skin, cleans grease and tightens pores.
Relieves hemorrhoids and itching.

Ginger can be used in several ways, such as tea, capsule, seasoning and even cookies.
How to Help?
It is a very soothing stomach. Relieves nausea, vomiting and dizziness.
It is effective in preventing migraine and arthritis relief.
Eliminates cold nasal congestion.
Lowers cholesterol and menstrual cramps.
Epsom Salts

A common mineral called magnesium sulfate but better known as Epsom salts or salt English.
How to Help?
Good relaxing when added to bath water. Relieves stress.
To remove splinters, apply a mixture of water with Epsom salts or immerse the affected part in water with Epsom salts.
Relieves hemorrhoids.
Evening primrose oil

Also known as the star of the night or evening primrose.
How to Help?
Relieves irritation caused by eczema.
Relieves menstrual cramps and breast tenderness.
Could help treat hiperactivismo problems and attention deficit in children.
Pregnant or nursing should not take it. Neither persons using anticoagulants or medication for epilepsy.

The tea has half the caffeine than coffee which makes it less stimulating.
How to Help?
An antioxidant that may prevent cancer.
Beneficial for dental health.
It reduces the risk in women of a stroke.
Some tea bags on your eyelids relieve tired eyes.

It comes from oil. Petrolatum is called but is best known as Vaseline.
How to Help?
Excellent moisturizer. Protects lips and skin and takes away the dryness.
Relieves psoriasis.
Prevents nosebleeds keeping mucous membranes moist.
To protect cuts.

It is excellent to fight bacteria. In addition ….
A rinse with vinegar reduces dandruff and gives shine to hair.
Help Indigestion long as there is a problem of acidity.
A rinse with vinegar removes the smell of cigar clothing.
Kills bacteria and fight the fungi that cause athlete’s foot and ear infections known as otitis externa.

Yogurt is a mixture of milk with bacterial cultures
How to Help?
Controls the fungus Candida albicans found in the vagina.
Protects frequent urinary tract infections.
It helps the immune system fight germs.
Strengthens bones.

Also known as Aloe vera, aloe or aloe vera. It has been used as a medicinal plant for many years. Its viscous gel contains substances that serve as calming. It is very important to wash aloe vera gel before applying to the skin.
How to Help?
Relieves minor burns.
Effective pain relief of acne.
Effective against hair loss.
Could be good for treating diabetes.
Relieves cold injuries.
It relieves inflammation and itching caused by psoriasis.

In addition to its rich aroma, lavender is also effective for many other discomforts including the possibility that fight cancer.
How to Help?
It is effective against anxiety and stress and increases brain waves that stimulate relaxation. You can also get a massage with lavender oil for a soothing effect.
Helps sleep. Place the dried flowers in a baggie and put it under his pillow.
A lavender massage oil on the temples relieves headache.
Lavender tea helps digestion and reduces flatulence.
Relieves insect bites it decreases itching and inflammation.

The lemon has many health benefits. Besides lemon one contains the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C.
How to Help?
Reduce age spots on the skin and fights acne.
A few drops of lemon in the armpits, eliminate odor.
A mixture of lemon with honey soothes a sore throat and cough.
Increases the body’s defenses.
Prevents cellular changes that lead to cancer.

The sedative effects of chamomile are famous. A cup of chamomile tea calms the nerves, relieves stress and helps you sleep. But also has other uses chamomile.
How to Help?
Relieves rashes, burns and cuts. Can be applied as a cream or compress prepared with a tea bag.
Can be used as a mouthwash to relieve sore gums and mouth ulcers.

Peppermint is generally used for a sweet after dinner and it tastes delicious and also freshens breath. No clutch, mint also has other uses.
How to Help?
Protects the intestine as it contains menthol and menthone oils that relax the muscles of the intestine.
Helps eliminate gallstones.
Peppermint Vapors are an excellent decongestant. And rubbing peppermint oil on the temples and forehead relieves headache.
For a mouthwash mint put a few drops in a glass of water. But do not drink peppermint oil as it can be fatal.

Honey contains more calories than refined sugar. However, it has some health benefits.
How to Help?
Natural laxative.
Helps heal wounds and disinfects.
Relieves stomach ulcers.
Important – Do not give honey to children under one year because honey contains spores of a bacterium that can not survive in the gut of adults and older children but babies multiplies and can cause poisoning.

Mustard is a close relative of cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli.
How to Help?
Good decongestant. Immerse your feet in a water bath with a little mustard powder, reduces fever and relieves headache.
It stimulates the appetite.
To eliminate athlete’s foot, take a foot bath by adding a pinch of mustard powder to water.
Relieves back pain and joints.

Plantas medicinales

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