Chamomile: how and when to useContinuing with the

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Chamomile: how and when to use

Continuing with the description of the benefits and ways to use medicinal plants, today it’s the turn of knowing how and when to use chamomile is a plant known in natural medicine that nothing will be hard to find in extract form or homeopathic remedies.

Chamomile is a plant typical of temperate zones, with a stem that can reach 70 inches tall, growing very straight and branched. Its main medicinal properties are in flower, white and yellow center, but may have certain remedies that require whole plant summer being the best time to collect it.

Here we describe some of the main health problems before which is very beneficial chamomile.

Digestive problems

Drinking chamomile flowers as an infusion works to defuse slow digestion and speeds up the elimination of intestinal gas. Furthermore, due to its anti-inflammatory properties, is a good medicine to treat gastric ulcers.
Nervous tension

Both for tension as for paintings of irritability, chamomile tea is a relaxant, distending tight and sore muscles and optimizing sleep and relieving menstrual cramps.

Skin Care

The ointment or salve of chamomile is a very effective way to treat eczema, inflamed skin and allergies.

Eye irritation

Also to relieve eye irritation and eye cleaning is helpful chamomile as a tea prepared.

Rheumatic pains

The maceration of chamomile flowers, applied as friction over the area you want treated, treatment is very beneficial for rheumatic pains stop and inflammation.

Precautions with chamomile

Among the precautions to be taken highlights the incompatibility of chamomile with tannin and quinine, so you should not mezclársela with plants such as oak or walnut, or with metal salts, and neither should use chamomile as essential oil during the pregnancy.

You know how to use your natural remedies chamomile, now just need a patient who practice what they learned. Remember that in any way natural remedies replace the professional care, so do not hesitate to consult your regular doctor before any emergency.

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